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NCNCA CUP #1 (CCCX #3) Results

More spectacular reportage from Dusty Downs:

NCNCA CUP #1- Presented by Santa Cruz Bicycles

Nor-Cal Cyclocross racers were truly tested at the NCNCA CUP Race #1 at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey. Tricky turns throughout the route, combined with a steep climb paralleling the famed 'Cork Screw' turn on the Mazda sponsored race rack, produced outstanding winners for the NCNCA Cup #1 event.

The NCNCA Cup #1 was contested by world class caliber riders such as the Elite winner Ben Jaques-Maynes(Bissell) and former World Champion Ned Overend(Specialized). Jaques-Maynes used steady riding to track down early leader Mark Santurbane(Cal Giant Inc.) and squeak out a one second win over the super charged Santurbane. This Elite Men's race was contested at a extremely high pace, and thanks to some incidental chain trouble from Santurbane, Jaques-Maynes delivered the goods in front of his friends and family. HRS Rock Lobster riders Josh Snead and Scott Chapin were next across the line separated by only one second. Snead was the NCNCA Cup champion in 2007. Overend had a solid ride claiming the final position on the podium in 5th place.
Cameron Falconer(Freewheel/Hunter) also posted a excellent ride in this very solid Elite division claiming 6th place overall.

The Master 35+ race had an amazing 4 National Champions in the field, Todd Hoefer(Cal Giant Inc.) James Coates(Morgan Stanley/Specialized), Kevin Merrigan(CVC/Otis Guy), and Don Myrah(Buy-Cell.com). Also present was the CCCX Series top 5 ranked riders Gannon Myall(Cal Giant Inc.), Keith DeFiebre(Scott/Ritchey/Sram), Mark Howland(Black Market Racing), Murray Swanson(Penn Velo/Kondra Systems), and Anastasio Florez of La Selva Beach. Other perennial champions to race were Chris Daluisio(Morgan Stanley/Specialized) and Henry Kramer(Cal Giant inc.). This division was possibly the most stacked field of the day, and with 3 laps to go 10 riders were still in with a chance of the win. However, in the end, the top 3 came down to Flores, Coates, and Hoefer. In the final Flores and Coates teamed up together and came across the finish seconds ahead of Hoefer. When the dust settled, Flores was a deserving winner on the day. Other riders to make the top 15 not listed above were a on form Brock Dickie(Buy-Cell.com) who was 6th place, and John Mundelins(Wells Fargo) who posted a outstanding 7th place overall. While Mike Sooder(Wife Says No More bikes), and Matt Kramer(Team San Jose/Sugar CRM) finished 11th and 14th in this super competitive division of Masters racers.

On the female side of the racing Stella Carey(HRS Rock Lobster) made it 3 for 3 in CCCX victories for 2008, while opening her NCNCA Cup account with a win. The Elite Women's race had 15 riders in the group and produced some of the best racing of the day with Sarah Maile(Ventana), Sarah Piccolo(Norcal Velo), Karen Brems(Webcor), and Bev Chaney(Roaring Mouse Racing) all making the podium in the end. The main event saw Maile doing all she could to chase down the powerful and elegant riding Carey, after the Rock Lobster sponsored rider grabbed a early lead. Piccolo, Brems, and Chaney all desperately tried to stay in contact in this exciting battle. Jen Jordan(Hopkins Honda Racing C3R), FreeWheel/Hunter sponsored riders Maryanne Hunter and Kathleen Hannon, and Natasha Perry(Velo Bella) were next to put in the chase. These ladies were followed by Janel Lodge(Black Market Racing) and Kelly Chang(Boston Road Club). All of the ladies would tackle the hill climb portion of the track with fierce determination, then fly down the technical portions with reckless abandon. Some of the Women had the advantage on the uphill portion, while others would bring back time through the turns. This made for some great racing for the spectators in attendance. Carey was the star of this show, and after separating herself from Maile and the others, she was solo dancing all the way to the finish. Maile came in about 35 seconds later, followed by the hard pedaling Piccolo 16 seconds later making up the top three for the day. The next riders in order were Brems, Chaney, Jordan, Hunter, Hannon, Perry, Lodge, and Chang. Then came a exciting sprint finish between Mary Ellen Ash(Vanderkitten) and Melissa Schultz(Kaiser Perm/ Team Oakland). Schultz seemed to have the lead coming to the line, but a bike throw from Ash gave her the placing. Next to finish were Andi Mackie(Velo Bella) and Liza Rachetto(Sterling Sports Grp.).

Further race reports coming....................

Congratulations to all the riders who attended NCNCA CUP #1 presented by Santa Cruz Bicycles at Laguna Seca Raceway.

And a special congratulations to these outstanding division winners on the day;

ELITE MEN- Ben Jaques-Maynes(Bissell)
ELITE WOMEN- Stella Carey(HRS Rock Lobster)
SINGLE SPEED A - Johnathan Mayfield(SVCV)
MASTER MEN 35+ A- Anastasio Flores(Cal Giant Inc.)
MASTER MEN 45+ A- Brett Lambert(HRS Rock Lobster)
MASTER WOMEN 35+ - Julianna Perry(SCCCC)
JUNIOR WOMEN- Madeline Myall(Cal Giant Inc.)
JUNIOR MEN 14-18- Isaiah Rapko(Team Oakland)
CATEGORY B MEN- Abe Rotstien(Freewheel Hunter)
MASTER MEN 35+ B- Greg Galuppo(InfoVista)
MASTER MEN 45+ B- Tim Roehrl -Sunnyvale
MASTER MEN 55+- Gregory Sage(EB Velo)
SINGLE SPEED B- Kevin Crossley
CATEGORY C MEN- James Williams(Adventures Edge)
JUNIOR MEN 13 & under - Samuel Cerruti(Cal Giant Inc.)
CATEGORY B WOMEN- Melanie Michalak
CATEGORY C WOMEN- Meredith Obendorfer(A40 racing)
MASTER WOMEN 45+- Winona Hubbard(SCCCC)

Full Results:

ELITE MEN (1-99)
name team town
9 laps @ 1.00'56'' Ben Jaques-Maynes Bissell Watsonville
1.00'57'' Mark Santurbane Cal Giant SLO
1.01'40'' Josh Snead HRS/Rock Lobster Larkspur
1.01'41'' Scott Chapin HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
1.01'49'' Ned Overend Specialized Durango, CO
1.02'48'' Cameron Falconer Freewheel/ Hunter Fairfax
1.03'32'' Chris Daluisio Morgan Stanley/Specialized Corralitos
1.04'03'' Cody Kaiser Cal Giant/ Berries El Dorado Hills
1.04'20'' Chris Brown Nor-Cal Bike sport Sebastapol
1.04'24'' Aaron O'Dell HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
1.04'38'' Corey Ward Specialized Los Gatos
1.04'39'' Alex Work HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
1.04'44'' Aron Bonar Sycip Racing Berkeley
1.05'02'' Jason Rahlwes Fox Racing Shox Capitola
st Aaron Kereluk HRS/Rock Lobster Felton
1.06'08'' Jeremy Kimmel Altezza 40 Racing Portola Valley
1.06'35'' David Quist Clif Bar Norway
1.07'01'' Gabriel Keck Fusion Sport San Francisco
1.07'38'' Lance Doherty Clif Bar Berkeley
1.07'44'' Brendan O'Brien Specialized Morgan Hill
1.07'52'' Isaias Job Altezza 40 Racing San Francisco
1.08'39'' Chris Sallen HUP United Belmont
8 laps @ 1.00'59'' Jesse Mayberrry Scott Ritchey Palo Alto
1.01'12'' Ron Castia InfoVista Cycling Team Livermore
1.01'31'' Brett Hondorp Sycip Racing Oakland
1.01'32'' Matt Talbott Altezza 40 Racing San Jose
1.01'43'' Jeff Patton HRS/Rock Lobster San Jose
1.01'49'' Sage Bauers BEER Sacramento
1.01'54'' David Widmark Eastonbay Velo Club Oakland
1.02'07'' Sam Pickman Morgan Stanley/Specialized San Jose
1.02'26'' Aran Watson Team Oakland Oakland
1.02'37'' Dean Poshard HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
1.03'03'' Zack Boger Buy-cell.com Los Gatos
1.03'22'' Stephen Carter San Francisco
1.04'11'' Jay Buena Ventura 3rd Rail Cycle Club Berkeley
1.04'58'' Brandon Correia Godspeed Courier Alameda
1.05'08'' Bruce Suvertsen Godspeed Courier San Francisco
1.08'22'' Nick Hanni Scott Ritchey/ SRAM San Francisco
dnf Jeff Hane Roaring Mouse Cycles Campbell
dnf Salvador Borrego Freewheel/ Hunter San Francisco
dnf Gabriel Byrne Active Athlete/Squadre Quest San Francisco
dnf Rich Maile Specialized/KMC Sacramento
dnf Omar Sison Oakland

SINGLE SPEED A (900-999)
9 laps @ 1.05'11'' Johnathan Mayfield SVCV Mt. Herman
1.05'36'' Ceasar Chavez Buy-cell.com San Jose
1.05'58'' Tim Cannard Buy-cell.com Santa Cruz
1.06'30'' Matt McNamara Sterling Sports Grp. Sunnyvale
8 laps @ 1.00'36'' Chris Pillette Godspeed Courier San Francisco
1.00'44'' John Cheetham InfoVista Pleasanton
1.01'07'' Sean Coffee HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
1.01'39'' Evan Adams HRS/Rock Lobster San Francisco
1.03'37'' Joe Miller Eagler Racing Team Benicia
1.04'34'' Ruben Villarreal Marciel Velo/2 Mobile San Leandro
1.06'07'' Jim Macdonald BEER Sacramento
1.07'26'' Monty Worthington Tifosi Wines Santa Cruz
1.08'23'' David Gill SCCCC Bonny Dune
7 laps @ 1.01'25'' Eric Nelson BEER/East Sac. Bikes Sacramento
1.02'35'' Stella Carey HRS/Rock Lobster Felton
1.03'25'' Mike Evans SCCCC Santa Cruz
dnf Philip Sims SCCCC/ABS Santa Cruz
dnf Eric Ebberoth Joselyns/Ebben Bikes Seaside
dnf Rick Hunter Freewheel/Hunter Soquel

MASTER MEN 35+ A (200-299)
7 laps @ 48'31'' Anastasio Flores Cal Giant/Specialized La Selva Beach
48'36'' James Coates Morgan Stanley/Specialized Campbell
48'45'' Todd Hoefer Cal Giant/Specialized Aptos
49'02'' Chris Daluisio Morgan Stanley/Specialized Corralitos
49'12'' Murray Swanson Penisula Velo/Kondra Systems Woodside
49'29'' Brock Dickie Buy-cell.com Capitola
49'37'' John Mundelins Wells Fargo Alamo
49'40'' Henry Kramer Cal Giant/Specialized Menlo Park
50'03'' Tim Thompson BlackMarket Racing San Jose
50'21'' Keith Defeibre Scott Ritchey Prunedale
50'27'' Mike Sooder Wife says no more bikes San Jose
50'39'' Mark Howland BlackMarket Racing Santa Cruz
51'14'' Gannon Myall Cal Giant/Specialized Lafayette
51'18'' Matt Kramer Team San Jose/Sugar CRM Los Gatos
51'34'' Don Myrah Buy-cell.com San Jose
51'49'' Eric Bustos Cal Giant/Specialized Alameda
51'51'' Tim Watson HRS/Rock Lobster San Jose
52'07'' John Kammeyer Alteza 40 Racing San Mateo
52'13'' David Allen SCCCC Soquel
52'51'' Max Clifford HRS/Rock Lobster Fairfax
53'07'' Kevin Merrigan CVC/Otis Guy Castro Valley
53'09'' Geoff Wilcox Altezza 40 Los Altos
53'22'' Tao Bernardi Wells Fargo Dublin
53'34'' Mitch Bramlett Third Pillar Santa Cruz
53'41'' Christopher Daugherty Sugar CRM San Jose
53'57'' Steve Ouzounian Big Swingin Cycles Muraga
54'00'' Morgan Fletcher Kaiser Perm/ Team Oakland Oakland
54'02'' Lander Bravo Alteza 40 Racing San Francisco
54'48'' Mark Fitzsimmons Fox Racing Shox Gilroy
54'53'' Brad Koester DFL San Francisco
55'28'' Frank Kalcic HRS/Rock Lobster Sunnyvale
55'54'' Hans Kellner SYCIP Racing Oakland
55'55'' Matt Wocasek Team Bike Trip Santa Cruz
56'02'' Tim Simanski Roaring Mouse Cycles Freemount
56'32'' Basil Moutsopoulos CR CA/SAKONNET Palo Alto
6 laps @ 49'00'' Phil Roberto Kaiser Perm/ Team Oakland Emeryville
49'07'' David Pedersen Altezza 40 Mountain View
dnf Jodi Cortes Clif Bar Berkeley
dnf Devin Avery Beer Sacramento

MASTER MEN 45+ A (300-399)
7 laps @ 51'06'' Brett Lambert HRS/Rock Lobster Scotts Valley
51'07'' Shane Huntoon IC3 Livermore
51'55'' Thomas Fox HRS/Rock Lobster Incline Village
52'05'' Philp Sims ABS/ SCCC Santa Cruz
52'11'' Thomas Feix Pen Velo/Kondra Systems Moss Beach
53'34'' Steve Hess SCCCC Santa Cruz
st David Schaefer Pen Velo Hayward
54'05'' Jim Gentes Family Cycling Center Soquel
54'20'' Logan Kelsey Vertical Online Mill Valley
55'03'' Ross TinLine Peninsula Velo San Carlos
55'05'' Dave Libby Kaiser Perm./Team Oakland Oakland
55'09'' Jeffrey Bramlett Third Pillar Palo Alto
55'27'' Jon Suzuki Team Oakland Oakland
6 laps @ 48'33'' John Ford Morgan Stanley/Specialized Redwood City
48'36'' Mark Michel Bike Trip Santa Cruz
48'54'' John Brown Family Cycling Santa Cruz
49'03'' Tom Carpenter Kaiser Perm./Team Oakland Oakland
49'12'' Erik Salander Peninsula Velo. Belmont
49'19'' Darrell Brokeshoulder Easton Specilaized San Jose
49'47'' Chris Baker Bicycle Trip Soquel
dnf Dan Langley Morgan Stanley/Specialized Morgan Hill
dnf Mark Abele Blackmarket Racing Concord

CATEGORY B MEN (100-199)
5 laps @ 37'34'' Abe Rotstien Freewheel/Hunter Watsonville
37'52'' Sam Berg Duke Vita San Fransico
37'53'' Tyler Frasca SV Cyclesport Scotts Valley
37'55'' Nico Cerna VOS Racing Salinas
38'00'' Cody Klasna Scott Ritchey Palo Alto
38'18'' Brian Duke SHS Cowboys Salinas
38'21'' Eric Highlander Evil Cycling Santa Cruz
st David Mesa Squeky Chains San Fransico
39'01'' Carl Hesselein Whole Athlete Arcata
39'20'' Cole Rasmussen Fox Shox San Jose
39'48'' Mark Shaw Vertical Pandas San Fransico
40'00'' Chris Atkinson Team Crash San Carlos
40'06'' Alfred Cauthen Godspeed Courier San Fransico
40'18'' Joshua Rebol Specialized Aptos
40'23'' Bob Barwick Family Cycling Center Aptos
40'39'' George Thoma Kaiser Permanente/Team Oakland Alameda
41'01'' Joe Miller Eagles Racing Team Benicia
41'21'' Chip Lomas HUP United Saratoga
41'22'' Bjorn Fox Clif Bar Jr. Dev Team Incline Village
41'29'' Doss Barnes Fox Racing Shox Soquel
41'30'' Todd Crisafulli North Atlanic Velo Mill Valley
41'39'' Ben Wright Fox Racing Shox Campbell
41'48'' Chris Stevens Godspeed Courier San Fransico
41'56'' Darren Chamberlain Taleo Racing Gonzales
42'09'' Steve Jannsens Santa Cruz
42'18'' Jonathan Schautz Santa Cruz
42'22'' Ryan Connolly Altezza 40 Racing Redwood City
42'58'' Dustin Ford Los Gatos
43'12'' Glen Masuda Celo Pacific Long Beach
43'23'' Chris Coffee Oakland
44'20'' Justin Endler Santa Cruz
45'35'' Glen Varntagen Los Altos San Mateo
dnf Daniel Murray SF Sport & Spine San Fransico
dnf Oliver Bellevue Oakland
dnf Jon Palmer Team Crash San Fransico

MASTER MEN 35+ B (500-599)
5 laps @ 38'55'' Greg Galuppo Infovista Cycling Oakdale
39'20'' Courtney Grossman HRS Rocklobster Salinas
39'27'' Andrew Yee HUP United Mt. View
39'38'' Nigel Walker Fairfax
39'52'' Greg Klingsporn HUP United Menlo Park
40'00'' Angus Nesbitt Los Altos Hills
41'11'' Chris Gaffney Alto Velo San Jose
41'31'' Blake VonKnopka Wrench Science Berkeley
42'02'' Kiernan Sherlock Webcor/ Alto Velo Palo Alto
42'49'' Shige Honjo Flow Santa Cruz
42'50'' Sasson Pazirandeh Kaiser Perm./Team Oakland Oakland
43'57'' Geoffrey Gunderson Kaiser Perm./Team Oakland Oakland
44'21'' Michael Schaller Sugar CRM/LGBRC Campbell
45'13'' Rich Rhodes San Francisco
4 laps @ 37'02'' John Bono Santa Cruz
37'53'' Agapito Reyes Redwood City
dnf Eric Lowe HUP United San Jose
dnf David Hopkins SCCCC Santa Cruz

MASTER MEN 45+ B (600-699)
5 laps @ 38'55'' Tim Roehrl Sunnyvale
40'19'' Mike Bodge Cal Giant Santa Cruz
41'09'' Bob Skubis Easton/ Sugar CRM Los Gatos
41'52'' Bruce Lodge Black Market Racing Tuolmne
42'16'' Russell Carmick Roaring Mouse San Franisco
42'37'' Kyle Samuels Cal Giant Watsonville
43'02'' Kem Akol Bike Trip Santa Cruz
43'33'' Torin Rotstein Watsonville
43'53'' Charles Meehan Seabright Brewery Soquel
43'56'' Jeff VanDemme SCCC Santa Cruz
44'13'' Steven Cooper CCB Santa Cruz
4 laps @ 35'44'' Jim Lentfer Cupertino
35'46'' Robert Barber Campbell
35'49'' Edward Miszkiewicz Sterling Sports Palo Alto
36'23'' Matt Dunstan SV Cyclesport Bouldercreek
38'14'' Jeff Sobul Kaiser Perm./Team Oakland Oakland
dnf Brian Johnston SCCCC/Jahwind Scotts Valley

MASTER MEN 55+ (800-899)
5 laps @ 40'53'' Gregory Sage EB Velo Oakland
41'13'' Larry Broberg Team Bike Trip Felton
41'24'' Frank Cuaresma Cal Giant San Jose
43'36'' Joesph Crabtree Forest Hill Bike Shop Pacific Grove
4 laps @ 39'34'' Jeff Linder Plus 3 Network Salinas
3 laps @ 39'36'' Reid Schantz Scotts Valley

SINGLE SPEED B (200-299)
5 laps @ 39'25'' Kevin Crossley Santa Cruz
40'00'' Jaqmes Spiers OTC Santa Cruz
40'01'' Henry Scholz Roaring Mouse Cycles San Fransico
40'41'' Eric Miller Santa Cruz
41'48'' Robert James SVCS Los Gatos
42'13'' Billy Hall HRS/Rock Lobster Monterey
dnf Andy Copleman Specialized San Jose

CATEGORY C MEN (800-899)
4 laps @ 31'42'' James Williams Adventures Edge Arcata
32'05'' Nicholas Navarro Crossniacs San Fransico
32'14'' Mike Hyde San Jose
32'41'' Robert Baesman Peninsula Velo/ Kondra Systems Belmont
32'43'' Robert Gaukel Bike Trip Aptos
33'12'' Steve Anderson Velo Club Mnty Monterey
33'36'' Jesse Baliscao SJBC/ Sugar CRM Aptos
33'38'' Mathew Davidson MTBR.com San Jose
33'39'' Mark Knutson SCCCC Watsonville
34'15'' David Zahrobsky Roaring Mouse Cycles San Fransico
34'31'' Joseph Desante Hwy 68 Hilbilies Salinas
34'49'' William Steiger Santa Cruz
35'01'' Denis Goeury Peninsula Velo Moss Beach
35'03'' John McCann Mt. View
35'17'' Jamaica Lambie City Cycle Alameda
35'43'' Jeff Lindenthal Velo Club Mnty Salinas
35'47'' Peter Jones SCCCC/ Volks Caf? Santa Clara
36'31'' Steven Woo Easton Sugar CRM Los Altos
37'07'' Scott Shipman Altezza 40 Racing San Jose
38'08'' Duane Frist Velo Club Mnty Monterey
38'53'' Gary Johnson Livermore
39'24'' Travis Tonn SJBC/ Sugar CRM Campbell
39'25'' Steve Yatson SCCCC Felton
41'19'' Curt Ferguson TNT San Fransico
42'57'' Peter Apostolakis Mt. View
3 laps @ 32'05'' Chris Twiggs Easton/ Sugar CRM/ Spec. Mountain View
dnf John Nguyen Union City

JUNIOR MEN 14-18 (400-499)
4 laps @ 30'36'' Isaiah Rapko Team Oakland Berkeley
31'17'' Jeremy Blalock Ventana Mtn. Bikes Monterey
32'05'' Bjorn Fox Clif Bar Jr. Dev. Team Incline Village
st Spence Peterson Above Category Racing Mill Valley
33'41'' Bob Siegel Above Category Racing Mill Valley
33'57'' Raymond Mendoza Bike Trip/ SCCCC Santa Cruz
st Stephen Crowley Cowboy Racing Salinas
34'18'' Max Burkhardt Bike Trip Santa Cruz
34'49'' Dylan MacDonald Bike Trip Santa Cruz
35'39'' Kyle Vanderstoep Bike Trip Soquel
36'03'' Alex Howard Above Category Racing Mill Valley
38'31'' Jordan Vanderstoep Bike Trip Soquel
39'41'' Robby Milazzo Bike Trip Santa Cruz
3 laps @ 32'44'' Darik Thunstorm Bike Trip Bonny Doon
33'41'' Conor Kraminer Cowboy Racing Salinas
dnf Jesse Rogel SHS Cowboy Racing Salinas

JUNIOR MEN 13 & under (500-599)
4 laps @ 39'22'' Samuel Cerruti Cal Gaint Cycling Watsonville
3 laps @ 30'47'' Mathew Valenica Sterling Sports Grp Los Altos
39'22'' Brian Twiggs Easton/Sugar CRM/Spec. Mt. View
40'05'' David Carmick Roaring Mouse Cycles So. San Francisco
dnf Thomas Mendoza Bike Trip/ SCCCC Santa Cruz
dnf JJ Kammeyer Altezza 40 Racing San Mateo
dnf Ben Yatson SCCCC Felton

ELITE WOMEN (900-999)
5 laps @ 39'34'' Stella Carey HRS/Rock Lobster Felton
40'09'' Sarah Maile Ventana MTB Sacramento
40'25'' Sarah Piccolo NorCal Velo Sebastapol
40'41'' Karen Brems Webcor Builders Redwood City
40'45'' Bev Chaney Roaring Mouse Racing Carmel
41'55'' Jen Jordan Hopkins Honda Racing C3R San Francisco
42'16'' Maryanne Hunter Freewheel/Hunter Soquel
42'25'' Kathleen Hannon Freewheel/Hunter San Francisco
42'33'' Natasha Perry Velo Bella Santa Cruz
43'33'' Janel Lodge BlackMarket Racing Santa Cruz
43'45'' Kelly Chang Boston Road Club San Francisco
44'28'' Mary Ellen Ash Vanderkitten Menlo Park
44'29'' Melissa Schultz Kaiser Perm/ Team Oakland Oakland
44'58'' Andi Mackie Velo Bella Walnut Creek
45'14'' Liza Rachetto Sterling Sports Grp. Los Altos
4 laps @34'43'' Melanie Michalak Santa Cruz
34'56'' Beth Welliver Velo Bella Pacific Grove
35'09'' Jamie Stamps Another Bike Shop Ben Lomond
37'33'' Lainey Aldrigde Bike Trip Santa Cruz
38'44'' Lesley Galloway C3R Menlo Park
39'06'' Angela Rebol Bike Trip Aptos
39'19'' Megan Zemny Altezza 40 Racing Santa Cruz
39'35'' Jasmine Parsons Infovista Pleaston
39'59'' Rita Celeste Leon SCCCC San Jose
43'17'' Jennifer Lucia SCCCC Santa Cruz

3 laps @ 29'00'' Meredith Obendorfer Altezza 40 Racing San Francisco
29'22'' Michelle Perez Velo Bella Sunnyvale
30'05'' Jeanine Bates Hopkins Honda/C3R San Francisco
30'16'' Dede Cowden SCCCC Capitola
32'19'' Lanora Rency Scotts Valley
33'30'' Lauren Ivey Miranda

MASTER WOMEN 35+ (200-299)
4 laps @ 34'50'' Julianna Perry SCCCC Santa Cruz
38'02'' Winona Hubbard SCCCC Santa Cruz
39'30'' Jenny Feix Velo Girls Moss Beach
40'13'' Lauren Haughey Kaiser Perm/ Team Oakland Oakland

MASTER WOMEN 45+ (400-499)
4 laps @ 38'02'' Winona Hubbard SCCCC Santa Cruz
39'00'' Amy Abele Velo Bella Kona Concord
40'49'' Yvonne Walbroehl Protech Racing Mt. View

JUNIOR WOMEN (800-899)
3 laps @ 34'01'' Madeline Myall Cal Giant LaFayette
37'53'' Brenda Mai Velo Bella Salinas
40'44'' Gabriela Crowley Cowboy Racing Salinas
44'08'' Madison Thompson Ben Lomond
45'22'' Emily Cerna Cowboy Racing Salinas


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