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CCCX #1 Report

From our old friend Dusty Downs:

Snead, Carey, Cannard, Myall, Gile, Hammond, Hopkins, Calley, Cuaresma, James, Flynn, MacDonald, Mendoza, Schultz, Fattor, Dominguez, Hubbard, Mai, all victorious in fast paced CCCX #1 in Ft Ord.
The track was full of high speed-full throttle sections. Including touches of sand, hard-packed dirt, tricky turns and pavement. In the end it was HRS/Rock Lobster riders Stella Carey and Josh Snead who walked away with high honors amongst some of Nor-Cal's finest Cyclocross racers.
Many of the divisions witnessed very competitive races and super tight finishes, here is a quick break down of some of the action.
Elite Women- Carey and Melodie Metzger(Gal Giant Inc.) put on quite a tussle in the Elite women's division. The two ladies went at it toe to toe for most of the race until Carey separated herself from the tenacious Metzger to claim a 8 second win at the line. Karen Brems(Webcor Builders) finished 1 minute later to claim the 3rd place on the day. Next across the line were Katrina Baumsteiger(Black Market Racing), Bev Chaney(Roaring Mouse Racing), Natasha Perry(Velo Bella), Megan Cordes(The Great Chiweenies), and Sarah Piccolo(NorCal Velo) in that order.
Elite Men- HRS Rock Lobster claimed the top 3 places with Josh Snead holding off Scott Chapin by 16 seconds and David Wyandt by 42 seconds. Jason Rahlwes(Fox Racing Shox) was 4th and the legend Larry Hibbard(Family Cycling Center) rounded out the top five. Other riders who had an impact on the outcome were Alex Work(HRS Rock Lobster), Chris Brown(Nor-Cal Bike Sport), Lance Doherty(Clif Bar), Don Myrah(, Nick Hanni(Scott/Ritchey/SRAM), Dean Poshard(HRS Rock Lobster), and George Smith(Webcor/Alto Velo), who all finished in that order.
Master 35+ A Men- Gannon Myall(Cal Giant Inc.) set a blistering pace on a stacked field of national caliber Master's racers that only Keith DeFiebre(Scott/Ritchey/SRAM) could follow on lap one. Myall's steady tempo distanced the field and gave way to a well deserved victory. DeFiebre continued to chase solo until Mark Howland(Black Market Racing) joined in on the pursuit with 2 laps to go. Next to chase was a re-surging Henry Kramer(Cal Giant Inc.) who took a fall in action and was joined by Anastasio Flores of La Selva Beach. These riders rounded out the top five behind the hard charging Myall. This Masters division was super competitive with all the riders in the group fighting tooth and nail to solidify a placing. Filling out the rest of the competitive top 10 were Murray Swanson(Peninsula Velo/Kondra Systems), John Mundelins(Wells Fargo), John Kammeyer(Altezza 40), and Cesar Chavez and Brock Dickie who both ride for
Master 45+ A Men- Steve Gile(HRS Rock Lobster) had a incredible year on the road where he was the top 45+ ranked roadie for some of the NCNCA season. Gile backed this fine riding up with a excellent 45+ win in the CCCX opener. Gile topped ragin' and rad' Rob Meighan(Cal Giant Inc.) by 11 seconds when all was said and done. A further 1 minute back was Norm Kriess(Cal Giant inc.) who opened up his cross season with a fine ride claiming 3rd on the day. Mark Abele(Black Market Racing) and Philip Sims(ABS/SCCC) went neck and neck to the finish playing out a thrilling sprint with the strong armed Abele man handling Sims by a tire length on the line. this division was super competitive and the rest of the top 10 are all tremendous racers. Rounding out the top 10 were Thomas Feix(Pen Velo/Kondra Systems), Tom Ryan(Cal Giant Inc.), George Smith, Logan Kelsey(Vertical Online), and Edwin Rambuski(Black Market Racing).
Single Speed A- Micha Mozel(Pissed Off) came ready to rumble in a pair of tight blue jean cut shorts that hugged his body long a long lost love. His wife beater tank top made him look like a member of the old 80's band The Village People. Or maybe Mozal's Cross dress was making up for missing out on Saturdays last DFL pirate race. However it was Tim Cannard( who answered Mozel's challenge and rode away with the Single Speed victory in fine fashion. Cannard and Ruben Villareal(Marciel Velo/T Mobile) had one of the best finishes of all the races and the two riders took it to the sprint to decide the days winner. In the end it was Cannard's bike throw ability that was the difference in this great battle for the win. John Cheetham(InfoVista) was next across the line in 4th. Cheetham put 45 seconds into 5th placed Mozal. Next across the line were Ron Castia(Info Vista), Russell Pratt of Oakland, Chris Coffee of Oakland, and Stella Carey who competed in her second race of the day.
Master Women 35+- Melanie Dominguez(SCCC/Bike Trip) raced slightly injured proving she is a true trooper and fighter. She raced valiantly during the event and her determination pushed her to the category win. Speaking of true fighter and strong determination, 2nd place on the day was Janel Lodge(Black Market Racing). Lodge is a fine example to all cyclists to chase your dreams and do not let adversity stand in your way.
Category B Women- Melissa Schultz(Kaiser Permanente) had one of the best rides on the day using all of her technical skills to post a solid win in this group. Schultz smooth Cross skills really shinned on this sunny day of racing. Lindsay Collins(SCCCC) was 2nd place on the day, and fast riding Lainey Aldridge(Bike Trip) was 3rd. Another bike rider from the Bike trip was next to finish, this was Angela Rebol of Aptos. Next to finish the challenging circuit was Rita Celeste Leon(SCCCC), Jasmins Parsins(InfoVista), and Katherine Butler of Oakland.
Category B Men- This division had some of the closest racing among the top seven riders as the racing progressed. These seven racers were separated by only 30 seconds at the finish. In the end it was Andrew Hammond(Specialized- SBCU) who rode off with bragging rights grabbing a nice win. Scott/Ritchey/SRAM rider Cody Klasna posted his best Cross result making a stellar 2nd place on the day only 3 seconds behind Hammond. Three small seconds later came Abe Rostien of Watsonville. Next in line was 17 year old Nico Cerna(VOS) who showed great promise doing his first Cross race ever. Cerna was getting tutored by 45+ A race winner Steven Gile in Cross skills, and these secret lesson seemed to have paid off. A mere 2 seconds later finished Specialized racer Jean Luc Callahan who was 5th place on the day. Matt Young(SYCIP) then edged Mark Shaw(Vertical Pandas) by a bike length in the sprint between the two strong riders for sixth place. Tyler Frasca(SV Cyclesport), Joshua Rebol(Specialized), and Bryon Duke(SHS Cowboys), made up the rest of the top 10.
Master Women 45+- Winona Hubbard(SCCCC) had a very strong race day performance topping some very powerful and smooth riding ladies on her way to the win. Hubbard had to distance herself form last years series champion Henrietta Stern(Hot Flash Chicks), and did so by about 1 minute in the end. Amy Abele(Velo Bella/Kona) pushed it very hard all the way thru the race and all the way to the line to claim 3rd place on the day. Abele has some of the best looking racing kits in her custom Velo Bella gear, showing fashion and cycling do mix. Roaring Mouse rider Cathy Morgan of San Francisco was 4th placed on the day.
Master Men 35+ B- Team Santa Cruz's David Hopkins held off local boy Courtney Grossman(HRS Rock Lobster) by 10 seconds for a strong win. Mathew Carinio(Art's Cyclery), Mike Morgan(SYCIP), and Eric Brouillete(Eden Bicycle Club), were locked in a strong fight to make up the rest of the top five. Each rider made a push for an advantage on course with Carinio getting the best of Morgan and Brouillete at the line by only a few seconds.
Master Men 45+ B- This division was full of strong riders. Placings were hard fought and just making the top 10 was quite an accomplishment. HRS Rock Lobster claimed another win with Monterey's Scott Calley making good by 46 seconds over 2nd placed Mike Bodge(Cal Giant Inc.). Brian Johnson(SCCCC/Jahwind) was 3rd place another 49 seconds adrift. Another minute back come Strong riding and super talented Kyle Samuels(Cal Giant Inc.). Clifford Lee of San Francisco made the top 5 as he was next across the line in this competitive field. Filling up the rest of the top ten placing were Bob Skubis(Easton/Sugar CRM), Bruce Lodge(Black Market Racing), Brian Birch(Team Oakland), Paul Sadoff( HRS Rock Lobster), and Russell Carmick(Roaring Mouse Racing).
Master Men 55+- Fast Frank Cuaresma(Cal Giant Inc.) has shown much improvement over the last 5 years of CCCX Cross races. Cuaresma posted another strong win in the 55+ division topping Larry Broberg(Team Bike Trip), Joesph Crabtree(Forest Hill Bike Shop), dangerous Doug Smith(SCCCC), and Reid Schantz of Scotts Valley.
Single Speed B- Robert James(SVCS) topped Andy Copleman(Specialized), Billy Hall(HRS Rock Lobster), Taylor Giger(Salinas High MTB Team), for the win. James won by 1 minute 23 seconds in his dominating ride.
Category C Women- Jill Fattor of Redwood City dominated this group on her way to a strong win. Susie Lerner(Art's SLO Cyclery) chased lap after lap trying to close the gap but Fattor simply did not stop charging for a full 33'40. Lerner was 2nd on the day while Michelle Perez(Velo Bella) made 3rd place, Lanora Rency of Scots Valley was 4th place, and Theresa Castia(East Bay Cyclist) finished top 5 on the day.
Category C Men- This division was very full of talented riders and was one of the strongest C Division races ever to be held in the 11 year CCCX history. Twenty six riders went at it, thus showing the strong desire for all levels of riders to race Cyclocross. Whent he dust settled it was the Hwy 68 Hilbillies who claimed 1st and 3rd place on the day. Shane Flynn and Tim Lukasko riding out of Salinas stamped their authority on the event with only Nicholas Navarro(Crossniacs) getting in the way of a clean sweep of the top two placings. Next across the line was Doug Aldrich(SJBC) who was a fine 4th place on the day. Amazingly the next six riders were separated by only 40 seconds, showing exactly how tight the racing was just to make the top 10 in this group. These riders in order of finish were Francis Cebedo(, Steve Anderson(Velo Club Monterey), Mark Knutson(SCCCC), Eric Miller of Santa Cruz, sweet riding Samuel Sweetland of Solvang, and Mathew Davidson(
Junior Women- Brenda Mai(Velo Bella) rode extremely well on the day claiming the junior win. Mai was taking part in her first ever Cyclocross race and judging by her fine finish she was liking all the action Cross provides. Look for Mai to continue to develop as a rider in both MTB and Cyclocross. Gabriela Crowley(Cowboy Racing) was 2nd placed in the end.
Junior Men 14-18- Bike Trip riders dominated this division thoroughly. Only Ian Samuels(Cal Ginat Inc.) could break up the full ownership claim, Samuels was 4th place. Dylan MacDonald was the winner. Other Bike Trip riders in the top 5 were Raymond Mendoza, who was only a few seconds away from the win, Kyle Vanderstoup, and Joshua Kenag.
Junior Men 13 & Under- Thomas Mendoza(Bike Trip/SCCCC) was the winner in this group, he bested fine riding Samuel Cerruti(Cal Giant Inc.) and Sterling Sports Group racer Mathew Vallencia of Los Altos.

ELITE MEN (1-99)

laps/time name team town
7 laps @ 59'43'' Josh Snead HRS/Rock Lobster Larkspur
59'59'' Scott Chapin HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
1:00'25'' Dave Wyandt HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
1:01'51'' Jason Rahlwes Fox Racing Shox Capitola
1:02'21'' Larry Hibbard Family Cycling Center Santa Cruz
1:02'30'' Alex Work HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
1:04'11'' Chris Brown Nor-Cal Bike sport Sebasope
1:04'42'' Lance Doherty Clif Bar Berkeley
1:04'48'' Don Myrah San Jose
1:06'14'' Nick Hani Scott Ritchey/ SRAM San Franisco
1:06'26'' Dean Poshard HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
6 laps @ 1:02'30'' George Smith Webcor/ Alto Velo Menlo Park
dnf Omar Sison
dns Dan Harting Team Nor Cal Healdsburg

SINGLE SPEED A (900-999)

7 laps @ 1:04'07" Tim Cannard Santa Cruz
st Ruben Villarreal Marciel Velo/2 Mobile San Leandro
1:04'51'' Ceasar Chavez San Jose
1:06'13'' John Cheetham InfoVista Pleasanton
1:06'58'' Mikah Mozal pissed off Monterey
1:07'23'' Ron Castia InfoVista Livermore
6 laps @ 59'10'' Russell Pratt
1:00'56'' Chris Coffee Blank Oakland
5 laps @ 59'42'' Stella Carey HRS/Rock Lobster Felton
dns Mike Evans SCCCC Santa Cruz
dns Monty Worthington Tifos Wines Santa Cruz

MASTER MEN 35+ A (200-299)

5 laps @ 43'38'' Gannon Myall Cal Giant/Specialized Lafagetta
43'54'' Mark Howland BlackMarket Racing Santa Cruz
44'09'' Keith Defeibre Scott Ritchey Prunedale
44'20'' Henry Kramer Cal Giant/Specialized Menlo Park
44'22'' Anastasio Florez
La Selva Beach
44'36'' Murray Swanson Peninsula Velo/ Rondra Sys. Woodside
44'43'' John Mundelins Wells Fargo Alamo
44'52'' John Kammeyer Alteza 40 Racing San Mateo
45'06'' Cesar Chaves San Jose
45'07'' Brock Dickie Capitola
45'21'' Eric Bustos Cal Giant/Specialized Alameda
45'28'' Mike Sooder Wife says no more bikes San Jose
45'38'' Tim Watson HRS Rocklobster San Jose
45'45'' Christopher Dougherty Sugar CRM San Jose
46'45'' Geoff Wilcox Altezza 40 Los Altos
47'07'' Gavin Payne Arts San Louis Ob
47'22'' Tao Bernardi Wells Fargo Dublin
47'30'' Tim Thompson BlackMarket Racing San Jose
47'41'' Aaron Hunter Sterling Sports Group SaNta Cruz
47'44'' Frank Kalcic Rocklobster Sunnyvale
48'16'' Max Clifford HRS Rocklobster Fairfax
48'22'' Shane Huntoon IC3 Livermore
48'42'' Charles Pockell-Wilson Morgan Stanley San Mateo
50'12'' Tim Simanski Roaring Mouse Cycles Freemount
50'13'' Ben Lerner Arts SLO Cyclery SLO
50'43'' Raymond Mendoza SCCCC Santa Cruz
dnf David Allen SCCCC Soquel
dnf Sean Coffey Rocklobster Los Gatos

MASTER MEN 45+ A (300-399)

5 laps @ 45'10'' Steven Gile Rocklobster/ HRS Salinas
45'21'' Robert Meighan Cal Gaint Strawberry San Jose
46'21'' Norm Kriess Cal Gaint Strawberry Berkeley
46'25'' Mark Abele Blackmarket Racing Concord
st Philp Sims ABS/ SCCC Santa Cruz
46'53'' Thomas Felix Pen Velo/Kondra Systems Moss Beach
47'06'' Tom Ryan Cal Gaint Strawberry Berkely
47'36'' George Smith Webcor/ Alto Velo Menlo Park
47'41'' Logan Kelsey Vertical Online Mill Valley
47'50'' Edwin Rambuski Blackmarket Racing Temple City
48'45'' Joe Fabris Plus 3 Network Los Gatos
48'55'' Paule Bates Roaring Mouse Cycles San Fransico
49'01'' Chris Baker Bicycle Trip Soquel
49'08'' Steve Stewart Easton/ Sugar CRM Los Gatos
49'09'' Jeffrey Bramlett Third Pillar Palo Alto
49'11'' John Brown Family Cycling Santa Cruz
49'47'' Michael Mann SCCCC Marina
50'10'' Brett Lambert Rocklobster Scotts Valley
50'22'' Erik Salander Peninsula Velo. Belmont
51'15'' Robert Meeker Chet Bear Claw Ojai
51'27'' Mikie Evens SCCCC Santa Cruz
51'55'' Darrell Brokeshoulder Easton Specilaized San Jose
52'16'' Alex Anderson SCCCC Santa Cruz
4 laps @ 43'24'' Steve Hess SCCCC Santa Cruz
dnf Mark Michel Bike Trip Santa Cruz

CATEGORY B MEN (100-199)

5 laps @ 46'37'' Andrew Hammond Specilized/ SBCU Morgan Hill
46'40'' Cody Klasna Scott Ritchey Palo Alto
46'43'' Abe Rotstien
46'49'' Nico Cerna VOS Racing Salinas
46'51'' Jean Luc Callahan Specialized San Jose
47'07'' Matt Young SYCIP San Fransico
47'08'' Mark Shaw Vertical Pandas San Fransico
47'40'' Tyler Frasca SV Cyclesport Scotts Valley
48'54'' Joshua Rebol Specialized Aptos
48'59'' Bryan Dyke SHS Cowboys Salinas
49'39'' Russell Pratt
49'57'' Michael Cruz Wells Fargo Racing Team Danville
51'14'' Jonathan Schautz
Santa Cruz
51'37'' Darren Chamberlain Taleo Racing Gonzales
52'12'' Jeremiah Johnson Vertical Pandas San Fransico
54'06'' Christopher Resendez Another Bike Shop Santa Cruz
54'50'' Glen Varntagen Los Altos San Mateo

MASTER MEN 35+ B (500-599)

5 laps @ 4819'' David Hopkins SCCCC Santa Cruz
48'29'' Courtney Grossman HRS Rocklobster Salinas
49'07'' Matthew Carinio Art's Cyclery SLO
49'11'' Mike Morgan SYCIP San Jose
49'14'' Eric Brouillete Eden Bicycle Racing Club Castro Valley
50'26'' Mike Lucaccini Eden Bicycle Racing Club Oakland
50'36'' Kiernan Sherlock Webcor/ Alto Velo Palo Alto
51'36'' Michael Schaller Sugar CRM/LGBRC Campbell
56'45'' John Bono
Santa Cruz
dnf Jason Cruz SCCCC/Family Cycling Center Santa Cruz

MASTER MEN 45+ B (600-699)

5 laps @ 48'18'' Scott Callen HRS/ Rocklobster Monterey
49'04'' Mike Bodge Cal Giant Santa Cruz
49'53'' Brian Johnson SCCCC/Jahwind scotts Valley
50'54'' Kyle Samuels Cal Giant Watsonville
51'07'' Clifford Lee
San Fransico
51'27'' Bob Skubis Easton/ Sugar CRM Los Gatos
st Bruce Lodge Black Market Racing Tuolmne
51'39'' Brian Birch Team Oakland Oakland
52'26'' Paul Sadoff HRS/ Rocklobster Santa Cruz
53'39'' Russell Carmick Roaring Mouse San Franisco
54'54'' Torin Rotstein
58'11'' Douglas Blaisdell Loma Prieta Capitola
dnf Karl B Ehlert Webcor/ Alto Velo redwoodcity
dnf Edward Miszkiewicz Sterling Sports Palo Alto
dnf Tim Sawyer Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
dnf Tim Roehrl
dnf Jim Volsansky Infovista San Ramon

MASTER MEN 55+ (800-899)

5 laps @ 50'24'' Frank Cuaresma Cal Giant San Jose
51'52'' Larry Broberg Team Bike Trip Felton
54'56'' Joesph Crabtree Forest Hill Bike Shop Pacific Grove
4 laps @ 45'53'' Doug Smith SCCCC Bonny Doon
57'21'' Reid Schantz
Scotts Valley

SINGLE SPEED B (200-299)

5 laps @ 49'32'' Robert James SVCS Los Gatos
50'55'' Andy Copleman Specialized San Jose
51'27'' Billy Hall HRS/Rock Lobster Monterey
55'46'' Tyloy Giger Salinas HS MTB Team Salinas

CATEGORY C MEN (800-899)

4 laps @ 38'40'' Shane Flynn Hwy 68 Hilbilies Salinas
40'02'' Nicholas Navarro Crossniacs San Fransico
40'10'' John Lukasko Hwy 68 Hilbilies Salinas
40'39'' Doug Aldrich SJBC San Jose
41'18'' Francis Cebedo Saratoga
41'24'' Steve Anderson Velo Club Mnty Monterey
41'32'' Mark Knutson SCCCC Watsonville
41'44'' Eric Miller
Santa Cruz
41'47'' Samuel Sweetland
41'59'' Mathew Davidson San Jose
42'16'' Rich Seiter SCCCC Santa Cruz
43'06'' Joseph Desante Hwy 68 Hilbilies Salinas
43'11'' Christopher Goodson SCCCC Soquel
43'20'' Aaron Crozier
San Jose
43'25'' Brendon Gluck
43'35'' Dustin Ford
Los Gatos
st William Seiger
Santa Cruz
44'02'' Paul Guerra Webcor/Alto Velo Los Gatos
44'56'' Steven Woo Easton Sugar CRM Los Altos
45'28'' Travis Tonn SJBC/ Sugar CRM Campbell
46'04'' Keith Wells
46'38'' Gary Johnson
47'23'' Steve Yatson SCCCC Felton
50'51'' David Kasheta
Union City
3 laps @ 41'07'' Tommy Knowles
dnf Jason Cruz SCCCC/ Family Cycling Santa Cruz

JUNIOR MEN 14-18 (400-499)

4 laps @ 41'32'' Dylan MacDonald Bike Trip Santa Cruz
41'36'' Raymond Mendoza Bike Trip/ SCCCC Santa Cruz
42'20'' Kyle Vanderstoep Bike Trip Soquel
43'20'' Ian Samuels Cal Giant Watsonville
44'16'' Joshua Kaneg Bike Trip Santa Cruz
46'29'' Darik Thunstorm

46'47'' Jesse Rogel SHS Cowboy Racing Salinas
47'21'' Taylor Stewart Bike Trip Scotts Valley
47'44'' Jordan Vanderstoep Bike Trip Soquel
47'47'' Robby Milazzon Bike Trip Santa Cruz

JUNIOR MEN 13 & under (500-599)

4 laps @ 46'26'' Thomas Mendoza Bike Trip/ SCCCC Santa Cruz
48'10'' Samuel Cerruti Cal Gaint Cycling Watsonville
3 laps @ 38'28'' Mathew Valenica Sterling Sports Grp Los Altos

ELITE WOMEN (900-999)

5 laps @ 49'13'' Stella Carey HRS/Rock Lobster Felton
49'21'' Melodie Metzgar Cal Giant Berkely
50'27'' Karen Brems Webcor Builders Redwoodcity
51'08'' Katrina Baumsteiger BlackMarket Racing SLO
52'32'' Bev Chaney Roaring Mouse Racing Carmel
53'52'' Natasha Perry Velo Bella Santa Cruz
54'34'' Megan Cordes The Great Chiweenies Cambria
56'24'' Sarah Piccolo NorCal Velo Sebastapol
dnf Julie Bates Roaring Mouse San Fransico


4 laps @ 40'49'' Melissa Schultz Kaiser Permanente Oakland
44'37'' Lindsey Collins SCCCC Santa Cruz
46'30'' Lainey Aldrigde Bike Trip Santa Cruz
47'27'' Angela Rebol Bike Trip Aptos
47'57'' Rita Celeste Leon SCCCC San Jose
50'21'' Jasmins Parsins Infovista Pleaston
51'38'' Katherine Butler


3 laps @ 33'40'' Jill Fattor
Redwood City
36'13'' Susie Lerner Art's SLO Cyc. SLO
37'46'' Michelle Perz Velo Bella Sunnyvale
39'18'' Lanora Rency
Scots Valley
44'07'' Theresa Castea East Bay Cyclist Livermore

MASTER WOMEN 35+ (200-299)

4 laps @ 42'52'' Melanie Dominguez SCCCC/ Bike Trip Aptos
43'26'' Janel Lodge BlackMarket Racing Santa Cruz
dnf Katy Jossy Roaring Mouse Cycles Oakland

MASTER WOMEN 45+ (400-499)

4 laps @ 47'32'' Winona Hubbard SCCCC Santa Cruz
48'37'' Henrietta Stern Hot Flash Chicks Pacific Groove
49'59'' Amy Abele Velo Bella Kona Concord
51'12'' Cathy Morgan Roaring Mouse Cycles San Fransico

JUNIOR WOMEN (800-899)

3 laps @ 40'36'' Brenda Mai Velo Bella Salinas
47'51'' Gabriela Crowley Cowboy Racing Salinas


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