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CCCX #3 Race Report

Carey, Noble, Chavez, Bumbaca, Cordia, Bortolussi, Stern, Howland,
Langley, Pickman, Ryan, Gale, Guglielmelli, Chapin, Frasca, Nickell,
Mendoza, Dawson, Chaney, All Post Division Wins In CCCX #3, Ft Ord.

On a brand new course, that received rave reviews, many spectacular performances were dramatically played out by Nor-Cal Cyclocross racers for CCCX #3 in Ft Ord. Helped by mother nature, with a solid downpour of rain the day before. The new Cross course featured many sections that when combined into one piece of work, produced some epic racing for all. Many divisions broke down under tight turns, sand sections, long pavement sections, elevation gain and head winds, to form groups and small packs of Cyclocross riders contesting places at the tricky finish line section. Some riders missed hooking up with a group, and went at the course solo. They were forced to face the elements, such as a solid head wind on the pavement portions, alone and with no help from drafting. Most of the placing came from small groups of two, three and four riders that formed during the racing. These small groups of riders produced much action near the final tight turn near the finish. Many of the divisions were settled going into the last left hand turn that was formed and shaped by ice plant and some loose sand, and really made the racing interesting right to the finish line.

Certain racing streaks came to a end during this CCCX #3 event. Cal Giant Inc/Specialized riders Justin Robinson and Gannon Myall had swept the feature races of the Men's Elite and Master Men's 35+ A races at the first two CCCX series events. However, Mark Noble(Time Factory Team) and Mark Howland(Blackmarket Racing) put an end to this dominance with thrilling on the line triumphs in races that were decided by mere nano seconds.

Noble took his incredible Elite win from a star studded group of five riders. These five riders were in a no holds-bar room style brawl during the entire race. Attacks came often during the race in this group, as HRS/Rock Lobster team mates David Wyandt and Aaron O'Dell tried to get the best of Cal Giant/Specialized team mates Justin Robinson and Chance Noble. The wild card however was the elder Mark Noble who is cut throat and deadly when he can smell the finish line. Noble really never showed his wheel toward the front of this HRS/Rock Lobster-Cal Giant/Specialized showdown until it really mattered. And when it mattered most , the finish line, Mark Noble played his card and claimed the big prize of first place. The HRS/Rock Lobster boys, Wyandt and O'Dell, settled for second and third showing great form to edge out the Cal Giant/Specialized duo of Robinson and Chance Noble, and relegating them to fourth and fifth on the day. James Coates(Morgan Stanley/Specialized) had a excellent ride on the afternoon claiming sixth place in this super fast division. Coates was isolated most of the race, leaving the Morgan Stanley/Specialized rider to apply much pressure on his own into the head wind sections to fend off the rest of the chasers. Jason First(Voo Doo Cycles) fended off fine riding Aaron Bonar(Sycip Racing) by a scant one second in a tight fight for seventh and eighth. Next came a strong group riders that was separated from each other by only twenty seconds as they crossed the finish line, these riders were Jason Rahlwes(Fox Racing Shox), Justin Morejohn(Davis Bike Club), and Jesse Mayberry(Scott/Ritchey). Lance Doherty(Clif Bar) of Oakland crossed the line fifty-two seconds later in twelfth place. Don Myrah( has been getting out to the races, and his form is picking up fast. The five time National champion still has that natural Cyclocross style, and leg turn over, that produced some of the greatest racing ever in the USA. And it is a true honor for local Nor-Cal racers to be able to race with this legend of American Cyclocross.
Gannon Myall had gone two for two in CCCX wins for 2007, but mechanical dificulties derailed his drive for perfection in the series, and left the door open for someone else to claim a win in this incredibly fast group of 35+A riders. In the end it came down to Mark Howland and past National champion Todd Hoefer(Cal Giant/Specialized) vying for the prestigous win in this group. Hoefer and Howland put on quite a show fighting for the win, as they flew thru the final lap side by side trading off leads and bringing the race down to the wire. Howland was first to make a play for the win, leading into the final false flat stretch that sent riders into the final tight turn for the finish line. Howland had just enough to get to the last turn first, and negotiate that cleanly, which gave him the best line for the win. Hoefer, who has won many big races, had to settle for second place this day one second behind Howland. In third on the day was Henry Krammer(Cal Giant/Specialized). Krammer had a gap off the front at one point, but suddenly he was rider down in a loose right hand turn, and this fall took the wind out of his sails. Myall could only muster fourth on the day, after facing mechanical issues during the race. Larry Hibbard(Family Cycling Center) and Keith DeFiebre(Scott/Ritchey) found themselves together, fighting for the fifth place medal. But a flat front wheel slowed DeFiebre, and the hard charging Hibbard was not going to wait. Hibbard went on to claim fifth on the day with DeFiebre in sixth. Next came a big push for the line from a strong group of 35+ racers. Brad Koester(DFL) was riding strongly all race and was looking to solo in for seventh place on the day. But a huge push from John Kammeyer(Altezza 40), Tim Watson(HRS/Rock Lobster), and Brij Lunine(SCCCC) on the final lap reeled in Koester, and these four riders went shoulder to shoulder into the final turn for placing. In the end the finishing order of these four were Kammeyer, Watson, Koester, and Lunine, making for one of the best finishes by a group on the day.

Another streak to fall was Mark Abele's(Blackmarket Racing) eight race 45+ A winning run. Abele's bid for immortality came a mere three seconds short at the finish line. Abele is a brawler who still showed his incredible fighting spirit by going down swinging for the win. Don Langley(Morgan Stanley/Specialized) was the rider who pulled off the KO' of the champ. Berkeley's Norm Kriess(Cal Giant/Specialized) was third on the day thirty seconds off the pace of Abele and Langley. Philip Sims(SCCCC) has been riding very well during the 2007 Cross season so far, and he took a nice fourth place on the day a mere three seconds ahead of Logan Kelsey(Vertical Online) of Mill Valley, who was fifth and claimed the last medal in this group.
Stellar Stella Carey(HRS-Rock Lobster) added an emphatic win to her resume in the Elite Women's race. Going elbow to elbow and handle bar to handle bar with Josie Beggs(Cal Giant Inc./Specialized) and Barbara Howe(Velo Bella/Kona) into the final section, Carey somehow out manuverd them into the final left hand turn just feet before the finish. These three gladiators on two wheels battled extremely hard on the final lap, fighting like tigers tooth and nail for the win. In the end it was Carey who carried her speed into the tight turned finish area for the win. But it came down to some serious elbows, almost track sprint like or 4X DH racing tactics into the final turn to get to the finsih first. The ladies also demonstrated clean riding and a good mindset for clean competition. No one went down in the battle for the final corner, and they were all cordial after the war on wheels for the win. Watch out if Gina Hall of Berkeley just finds a little more of her racing legs this season. Not only did legend Don Myrah race this day, but Women's Cross racing legend Gina Hall also put on the gloves and racing shoes and gave it a go. This made for a serious high honor list of Nor-Cal Cross studs competeing this day, as Hall and Myrah both graced their respected fields with their prescence. The CCCX series was honored that these world class riders returned to racing at this very fun track in Ft Ord. Hall proved she still has some kick in her legs claiming fourth place in this Elite Women's field. However she did mention that she was not sure if she should have signed the release form as "certified fit to compete in this demanding physical activity". Hall said her lungs, legs, and body really was feeling some pain during the race, as she quickly remembered how painful Cyclocross can be if you are under-raced. Another CCCX favorite is Natasha Perry(Velo Bella/Kona) of Santa Cruz. Perry is a seriously hard charging rider who digs deep to apply pressure and keep her speed up during the race. Perry was really smooth thru the turns on this twisting course, and she always seems to ride hard and inspire the fans who gaze at her exsquisit form. Anne Fitzsimmons(Velo Bella/KONA) and Mary Anne Hunter(Hunter/Freewheel) were split by only three seconds at the finish line, with Fitzsimmons just edging Hunter in the end.

In the Single-Speed division Tim Cannard( turned back the hands of time, to a era when he used to dominate riders such as team mate Cesar Chavez( Chavez is now the single speed CCCX leader, and Cannard was all over the on form Chavez for most of the race. This left the large gathering of spectators crying for more from the cunning Cannard. In the end Chavez was too much for the fans and Cannard, but it made for some exciting action in this division and gave Cannard a chance to demonstrate his excellent cyckling skills.

Nicole Bumbaca(Specialized) posted a fine 30 second win over a strong B Women's group. Cambria's Megan Cordes(Rock Solid Cycling/Bishops Peak) was riding very strong and placed second on the fun and fast course. Meanwhile, Arnold's Soni Androini-Poulsen(Velo Bella/Kona) had her hands full with hard charging Rita Celeste Leon(SCCCC) of Monterey. In the end the gap between the two fast females was only six small seconds with Androini-Poulsen coming out on top in this tussle on two wheels for third place on the day. Another battle between Women riders took place in this group as Yvonne Walbroehl(Protech Racing) and Katrina Loera(Velo Bella/Kona) came to the finish seemingly even. It took some smooth riding by Walbroehl to gain a one second advantage when the pair crossed the finsih line.

Category C Women saw Teshia Cordia(Specialized/Code 3) pulled a early race flyer and never looked back on her way to a commanding two minute triumph. Beth Welliver(Velo Bella/KONA), Courtney Dimpel(Altezza 40 Racing), Dede Cowden of Capitola, Cathy Morgan(City Cycle), Debby Young(Fox Racing) all showed fine Cyclocross talent during the event.

In other Women's divisions Kathleen Bortolussi(Scotts Valley Cycle Sport) and Henrietta Stern(Hot Flash Chicks) both posted dominating rides crossing the finish well clear of their chasers. Both Bortolussi and Stern are tremendous talents on the bicycle and seem to be very athletically gifted and strong minded.

Sam Pickman(Morgan Stanley) was the B Men's winner. Altezza 40's Ty Brookhart claimed the silver medal. A serious shootout took place for the bronze medal in this stacked group. Matt Young(Sycip Racing), got the best of Mike Sooder of San Jose, and Joshua Rebol(Specialized) by seconds at the line, and rode away with bragging rights from this fast three-some. This entire division boasted some incredibly fast riders.

Tom Ryan(East Bay Velo) was the Master 35+ B winner. Ryan edged Mark Fitzsimmons(Fox Racing Shox) by only nine seconds and David Hopkins(SCCCC) by only twelve seconds in the end. Also chasing hard out of this fast group was Ron Castia(EMC2 / Vellum Cycles), Matt Carinio of SLO, Tim Simanski(Roaring Mouse), Frank Kalcic(HRS / Rock Lobster), Dave Schindehette(Pegasus), Paul Ellison(Alan-USA), and Charles Pockell-Wilson(Morgan Stanley), who all made the top ten from this strong group and finished in that order.

Raymond "Chip" Gale(Third Pillar) had just a little breathing room for his win in the 45+ B Men's race, as Jeffrey Bramlett of San Mateo was only nine seconds back in second place. Scott Calley(HRS / Rock Lobster) meanwhile was breathing hard down Bramlett's back crossing in third only three seconds later. Tim Sawyer(Bicycle Trip), Edward Miszkiewicz of Palo Alto, and Jim Lentfer of Cupertino were next in order of finish.

In the 55+ division Bob Guglielmelli(Central Coast Magazine) and Frank Cuaresma(Cal Giant/Specialized) were inseperable during the first two races. But on this epic course Guglielmelli soloed to a outstanding win by over one minute. This left Cuaresma to fend off the Bicycle Trip sponsored Larry Broberg for second. It all came down to the final corner and Cuaresma barely edged out Broberg thru the ice plant turn to claim the silver medal by one second on the day. Broberg had to settle for the bronze.

Scott Chapin(Traffic Cycles/Cycle Works) remained undefeated in the Single-Speed B division.

Tyler Frasca(SV Cycle Sport) out distanced a fast pedaling group of C riders for the win in the 9:00 a.m. race. Frasca had four riders all within forty seconds as he crossed the line, which made for some great racing.
These riders were Josh Chauvet(Hamana), Kevin Waggoner of Santa Cruz, Glen Cockrell(Labrador Construction), and Jason Nicholson of Santa Cruz.

Jesse L. Nickell IV(Team Ballaz) showed solid form and tremendous cyclocross skill to break away from a strong group of Junior 14-18 riders and win by forty seconds. Nickell has been getting faster and faster during the many years of CCCX races, and all of his riding is now starting to produce some fine rides under racing pressure. Taylor Shamshoian(SV Cycle Sport) was second place on the day, and Carl Dawson(Bicycle Trip/SCCCC) finished a fine third place. The Bicycle trip has put together a fine group of Junior riders and they placed seven riders in this Junior group that all raced well, and are also all good ambassadors of the sport of Cyclocross for other Juniors. These riders were, Erik Young, Dylan MacDonald, Raymond Mendoza, Joshua Kaneg, Kyle Vanderstoep, and Jordan Vanderstoep.

The Junior 13 & Under race came down to a photo finish. Thomas Mendoza(Bicycle Trip/SCCCC) and Darik Thunstrom(Bicycle Trip/SCCCC) had a race that was so close only video footage could seperate first from second at the line. Luckily the CCCX series was trying out a high resolution super mega pixel high definition DVD quality super imposing lens and video camera that separated the front tires of the two team mates to the most minute distance humanly possible. And in the end the officilas on hand went to a coin toss.............. to decide the winner, go figure?
Smooth riding Samuel Cerruti(Cal Giant Cycling) was third place on the day.

Bicycle Trip sponsored Deanna Dawson of Santa Cruz was the top Junior Women racer.

The kids race was very exciting as Spencer Chaney(Roaring Mouse Cycles) attacked his older brother on the opening run up, and established a gap he would hold until the final false flat run into the finish area. This is where older brother Ryan Chaney(Roaring Mouse Cycles) used his age advantage and his clipped in pedal style advantage to surge ahead and cross the line in first. Leaving the younger Chaney to only ponder...what if???, as he was so close to victory and a wire to wire win.

Aslo having great kids rides were Sophia Leonard(Roaring Mouse Cycles) and Allegra Botondo of San Francisco. Botondo was very amazing during her ride, as she bobbed and weaved thru the course and tricky turns, and showed that her future could be in bicycle racing if she choses this path.

Congratulations to all of the riders!

Dusty Downs

Cycle Sport International
Here is a complete list of results:

ELITE MEN (800-899)

place number laps/time name team town
1 855 9 laps @ 1:10'03'' Mark Noble Time Factory Team Oxnard
2 822 1:10'04'' David Wyandt HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
3 825 1:10'06'' Aaron O'Dell HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
4 836 1:10'07'' Justin Robinson Cal Giant/Specialized Santa Cruz
5 857 1:10'35'' Chance Noble Cal Giant/Specialized Camarillo
6 845 1:12'30'' James Coates Morgan Stanley/Specialized Campbell
7 862 1:13'58'' Jason First Voo Doo Cycles Costa Mesa
8 833 1:13'59'' Aron Bonar Sycip Racing Berkeley
9 827 1:14'31'' Jason Rahlwes Fox Racing Shox Capitola
10 858 1:14'55'' Justin Morejohn Davis Bike Club Davis
11 860 1:15'15'' Jesse Mayberry Scott/Ritchey Palo Alto
12 831 1:16'07'' Lance Doherty Clif Bar Oakland
13 826 1:16'55'' Don Myrah
San Jose
14 852 1:17'07'' Dan Harting HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Rosa
15 823 1:18'00'' Grant Cutler Altezza 40 Altadena
16 820 1:18'33'' Lander Bravo Altezza 40 San Francisco
17 853 1:18'48'' Pat Rocchi
18 834 8 laps @ 1:10'09'' Jay Buenaventura Third Rail Cycling Club
19 859 1:10'41'' Brian Vernor Hunter/Freewheel Santa Cruz
20 843 1:10'52'' Nick Purtscher HRS/Rock Lobster Ben Lomond
21 863 1:11'01'' Keven Mowey
San Francisco
22 840 1:11'27'' Nick Hanni Scott/Ritchey San Francisco
23 854 1:13'09'' Lawrence Leonard Successful Living Ventura
24 850 1:13'13'' Isaias Job Altezza 40 San Francisco
25 824 1:13'49'' Dean Poshard HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
26 861 1:16'16'' Jeff Patton HRS/Rock Lobster San Jose
27 851 dnf Rachael Lloyd Proman/Paradigno Fairfax
28 848 dnf Don Langley Morgan Stanley/Specialized Morgan Hill
29 856 dnf Aaron Kereluk HRS/Rock Lobster Felton
30 821 dnf Josh Snead HRS/Rock Lobster Larkspur


1 711 8 laps @ 1:10'12'' Cesar Chavez San Jose
2 720 1:11'18'' Tim Cannard Los Gatos
3 719 1:16'42'' John Cheetham EMC2 / Vellum Cycles Pleasanton
4 706 1:17'14'' Erik Thunstrom SCCCC B.C.
5 739 7 laps @ 1:12'27'' David Gill SCCCC Bonny Doon
6 726 1:12'48'' Martin Suro Cal Giant PG
7 777 1:18'11'' Mike Evans SCCCC Santa Cruz

ELITE WOMEN (400-499)

1 425 5 laps @ 46'59'' Stella Carey HRS-Rock Lobster Felton
2 429 47'00'' Barbara Howe Velo Bella/KONA Larkspur
3 437 s.t. Josie Beggs Cal Giant/Specialized Capitola
4 448 49'46'' Gina Hall
5 411 50'15'' Natasha Perry Velo Bella/KONA Santa Cruz
6 416 51'06'' Anne Fitzsimmons Velo Bella/KONA Morgan Hill
7 446 51'09'' Mary Anne Hunter Hunter/Freewheel Soquel


1 907 4 laps 43'46'' Nicole Bumbaca Specialized Los Gatos
2 913 44'19'' Megan Cordes Rock Solid Cycling/Bishops Peak Cambria
3 916 45'30'' Soni Androini-Poulsen Velo Bella/KONA Arnold
4 911 45'36'' Rita Celeste Leon SCCCC Monterey
5 925 47'56'' Yvonne Walbroehl Protech Racing Mountain View
6 909 47'57'' Katrina Loera Velo Bella/KONA San Jose
7 918 dnf Sabine Dukes Velo Bella/KONA Watsonville


1 565 3 laps @ 34'24'' Teshia Cordia Specialized/Code 3 Campbell
2 541 36'46'' Beth Welliver Velo Bella/KONA PG
3 566 37'08'' Courtney Dimpel Altezza 40 Racing San Jose
4 543 39'43'' Dede Cowden
5 549 42'56'' Cathy Morgan City Cycle San Fransico
6 542 45'47'' Debby Young Fox Racing Shox Santa Cruz
7 548 dns Katy Jossy
San Fransico

MASTER WOMEN 35+ (700-799)

1 714 5 laps @ 51'07'' Kathleen Bortolussi Scotts Valley Cycle Sport Aptos
2 718 51'55'' Beverly Chaney Roaring Mouse Cycles Castro Valley
3 737 52'00'' Melanie Dominguez SCCCC/Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
4 715 53'58'' Janel Lodge Black Market Racing Santa Cruz

MASTER WOMEN 45+ (1-100)

1 14 4 laps @ 44'29'' Henrietta Stern Hot Flash Chicks PG
2 48 46'17'' Carol Ruckle Possibilities Redlands
3 34 48'55'' Amy Abele Velo Bella Concord

MASTER MEN 35+ A (1-100)

1 8 6 laps @ 50'23'' Mark Howland Blackmarket Racing Santa Cruz
2 30 50'24'' Todd Hoefer Cal Giant/Specialized Aptos
3 29 50'41'' Henry Kramer Cal Giant/Specialized
4 23 51'35'' Gannon Myall Cal Giant/Specialized Lafayette
5 38 52'04'' Larry Hibbard Family Cycling Center Santa Cruz
6 1 52'39'' Keith Defiebre
7 19 52'46'' John Kammeyer Altezza 40 San Mateo
8 11 52'47'' Tim Watson HRS/Rock Lobster San Jose
9 42 52'48'' Brad Koester DFL San Francisco
10 4 52'49'' Brij Lunine SCCCC Santa Cruz
11 9 53'11'' Erik Zimmer Eden Bycicles Pleasanton
12 43 53'31'' Daniel McNally DFL San Francisco
13 36 53'51'' Tao Bernardi Pegasus Dublin
14 46 53'58'' Rick Hunter Hunter/Freewheel Soquel
15 40 54'11'' Grey Wedeking Sheila Moon San Francisco
16 47 54'38'' Tom Skiles Team Spine Del Rey Oaks
17 6 54'39'' Mitchell Bramlett Scotts Valley Cycle Sport Scotts Valley
18 28 55'01'' Mark Mastoras Squadra Ovest San Bruno
19 7 55'35'' Charles Hess SCCCC/Fox Racing Shox Santa Cruz
20 5 55'50'' Geoff Wilcox Altezza 40 Los Altos
21 41 57'18'' Evan Adams HRS/Rock Lobster San Francisco
22 27 57'38'' Ruben Villarreal Eden Bycicles San Leandro
23 18 58'03'' Bob Barwick Family Cycling Center Aptos
24 25 1:00'30'' David Allen
25 2 5 laps @ 51'00'' David Gill SCCCC Bonny Doon
26 44 53'41'' Nigel Walker DFL San Alselmo

MASTER MEN 45+ A (400-499)

1 443 6 laps @ 53'03'' Don Langley Morgan Stanley/Specialized Morgan Hill
2 421 53'06'' Mark Abele Rivendell/Boure Concord
3 415 54'35'' Norm Kreiss Cal Giant/Specialized Berkeley
4 414 55'05'' Philip Sims SCCCC Santa Cruz
5 436 55'08'' Logan Kelsey Vertical Online Mill Valley
6 409 56'28'' Jim Gentes Family Cycling Center Soquel
7 403 56'56'' Shane Huntoon Livermore Cyclery Livermore
8 408 57'20'' Erik Thunstrom SCCCC B.C.
9 413 57'26'' Chris Baker Another Bike Shop Soquel
10 447 5 laps @ 50'25'' Mark Michel Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
11 445 51'01'' Brad Williamson Family Cycling Center Aptos
12 427 51'30'' Darrel Brokeshoulder Specialized/Easton SJ
13 423 52'23'' John Brown Family Cycling Center Santa Cruz
14 444 57'36'' Mike Evans SCCCC Santa Cruz

CATEGORY B MEN (500-899)

1 556 6 laps @ 53'27'' Sam Pickman Morgan Stanley San Jose
2 539 53'42'' Ty Brookhart Altezza 40 Redwood City
3 529 54'18'' Matt Young Sycip Racing SF
4 558 54'21'' Mike Sooder
San Jose
5 540 st Joshua Rebol Specialized Aptos
6 547 55'30'' Mathew Talbott Altezza 40 San Jose
7 553 55'31'' Eric Highlander Santa Cruz Bicycles Santa Cruz
8 520 55'37'' Alex Work HRS / Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
9 538 56'22'' Martin Suro Cal Giant/Specialized PG
10 559 56'28'' Brent Carkeet Scotts Valley Cycle Sport Scotts Valley
11 533 56'49'' David Pedersen Altezza 40 Mountain View
12 560 56'50'' Daniel Lam TBS Racing San Jose
13 554 56'52'' Nate Shaw Ritchey/Scott San Jose
14 563 57'17'' Stephen Carter
Palo Alto
15 545 57'19'' Ashley Hayat The Freedom Machine PG
16 535 57'27'' Russell Pratt Front of the Los Gatos
17 528 58'52'' Cisco Moran SF Sport & Spine SF
18 555 59'21'' Chris Sallen
19 561 1:00'12'' Cody Klasna Ritcey/Scott Palo Alto
20 521 1:00'20'' Dan Adkins Metromint Cycling Berkeley
21 557 5 laps @ 54'44'' Chip Lomas
San Jose
22 564 1:03'11'' Neil Samson HACC Hawaii Honolulu, HI
23 562 dnf Rodney Santos
Morgan Hill
24 552 dnf Daniel Ferreira Velo Shop San Mateo

MASTER MEN 35+ B (300-399)

1 351 6 laps @ 55'48'' Tom Ryan East Bay Velo Berkeley
2 338 55'57'' Mark Fitzsimmons Fox Racing Shox Morgan Hill
3 324 56'00'' David Hopkins SCCCC Santa Cruz
4 328 56'10'' Ron Castia EMC2 / Vellum Cycles Livermore
5 341 56'24'' Matt Carinio
6 343 56'46'' Tim Simanski Roaring Mouse Fremont
7 329 56'56'' Frank Kalcic HRS / Rock Lobster Sunnyvale
8 319 57'21'' Dave Schindehette Pegasus Campbell
9 370 57'36'' Paul Ellison Alan-USA San Francisco
10 373 57'55'' Charles Pockell-Wilson Morgan Stanley Martinez
11 348 58'13'' Courtney Grossman Velo Club Monterey Salinas
12 375 59'19'' Rich Cadigan
13 374 59'32'' Mike Lucaccini Edan Racing Club Oakland
14 337 1:00'30'' John Ford Team Spine Redwood City
15 331 1:01'35'' Steven Woo LGBRC/Easton/Specialized Los Altos
16 342 1:02'43'' Aaron Hunter SJ Bicycle Santa Cruz
17 332 5 laps @ 53'42'' Grant Stoner SCCCC Santa Cruz
18 376 53'55'' Stephen Gordy SRG San Jose
19 333 54'43'' Michael Schaller LGBRC/Easton/Specialized Campbell
20 372 dnf Thomas Leach
21 336 dnf Eric Brouillette Eden Bicycle Racing Club Castro Valley

MASTER MEN 45+ B (800-899)

1 811 6 laps @ 56'25'' Raymond "Chip" Gale Third Pillar San Mateo
2 813 56'34'' Jeffrey Bramlett
Palo Alto
3 802 56'37'' Scott Calley HRS / Rock Lobster Monterey
4 804 58'03'' Tim Sawyer Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
5 845 5 laps @ 53'22'' Edward Miszkiewicz
Palo Alto
6 849 55'19'' Jim Lentfer

MASTER MEN 55+ (700-799)

1 701 6 laps @ 59'25'' Bob Guglielmelli Central Coast Magazine SLO
2 708 1:00'37'' Frank Cuaresma Cal Giant/Specialized San Jose
3 732 1:00'38'' Larry Broberg Bicycle Trip Felton
4 705 1:01'37'' Michael Simons
5 707 1:01'59'' David Samples Cal Giant/Specialized Watsonville
6 731 4 laps @ 53'20'' Ron Riley SCCCC Aptos


1 902 6 laps @ 55'47'' Scott Chapin Traffic Cycles/Cycle Works Soquel
2 923 1:01'10'' Patrick Lewis SCCCC Santa Cruz
3 924 1:02'04'' Rob Jaimes
Los Gatos
4 919 1:02'52'' Chris Wells
Santa Rosa
5 908 5 laps @ 1:01'49'' Tom Biggs

CATEGORY C MEN (300-399)

1 303 4 laps @ 40'08'' Tyler Frasca SV Cycle Sport Scotts Valley
2 369 40'11'' Josh Chauvet Hamana San Francisco
3 366 40'29'' Kevin Waggoner
Santa Cruz
4 316 40'31'' Glen Cockrell Labrador Construction Salinas
5 354 40'50'' Jason Nicholson
Santa Cruz
6 306 41'29'' Mike Perez LGBRC/Easton/Specialized San Jose
7 364 42'26'' Brian Johnston Jah Wind Scotts Valley
8 317 43'15'' Paul Guerra Rocky Mounts/Izze Los Gatos
9 323 43'21'' William Steigel
Scotts Valley
10 314 43'22'' John Bono
Santa Cruz
11 365 43'31'' Noah Wilson Rad Racing Santa Cruz
12 371 45'47'' Peter Jones SCCCC/Volks Café Santa Cruz
13 355 48'28'' Hank Vanderstoep
14 367 3 laps @ 40'40'' Steve Anderson Velo Club Monterey Monterey
15 368 41'00'' Art Ruvalcaba Roaring Mouse Cycles Salinas

JUNIOR MEN 14-18 (500-599)

1 508 4 laps @ 39'51'' Jesse L. Nickell IV Team Ballaz
2 514 40'40'' Taylor Shamshoian SV Cycle Sport Santa Cruz
3 503 41'03'' Carl Dawson Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz
4 509 41'45'' Erik Young Bicycle Trip Aptos
5 517 42'50'' Dylan MacDonald Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
6 516 45'17'' Raymond Mendoza Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz
7 518 46'17'' Joshua Kaneg Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
8 505 47'02'' Kyle Vanderstoep Bicycle Trip Soquel
9 506 47'54'' Jordan Vanderstoep Bicycle Trip Soquel


1 404 4 laps @ 48'45'' Thomas Mendoza Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz
2 407 48'46'' Darik Thunstrom Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Boulder Creek
3 401 3 laps @ 42'05'' Samuel Cerruti Cal Giant Cycling Watsonville

JUNIOR WOMEN (900-999)

1 920 2 laps @ 41'29'' Deanna Dawson Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz

KIDS RACE 6-10 (700-799)

1 716 1 lap @ 12'15'' Ryan Chaney Roaring Mouse Cycles Carmel
2 717 13'07'' Spencer Chaney Roaring Mouse Cycles Carmel
3 710 15'35'' Sophia Leonard Roaring Mouse Cycles Pacific Grove
4 738 25'29'' Allegra Botondo
San Francisco


Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

Awesome report, Dusty.

thanks as always!

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Brij Lunine said...

What a report Dusty! You outdid yourself, great job. This course was so fun and so so hard. It didn't seem like it would be so taxing but I was as worked as I can ever remember.

Too fun.


7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dusty that was good stuff, also good job to all the racers over the weekend of racing at CCCX and Sac.

Nor-Cal cross is a good group.

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Blogger Grey said...

Great report. That course was incredible--we got lucky with the Friday rain. Fast and fun. Thanks.

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