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Surf City Three: Reports & Photos

Wow, what a great way to end the Surf City series this year, a straight up full muddy jacket adventure at Watsonville. That was old school Surf City, I'm talking El Nino conditions here, 9-10+ minute laps (getting longer as the day wore on and the mud dried out), towering shoe sucking mud bog runups, every number on the Mud Index, that kind of thing.

In retrospect the cancelled race last month was a blessing in disguise: without that we would have never got to have this kind of fun. Thanks to Sabine and the eternally smiling crew, and to Brent and his minions for putting together a great course. It's the little things that matter - like for example having all those twists and turns have a little width at the apex instead of just pulling a hairpin hard around a single pole so you have to come to a dead stop. If you've done that kind of course you know what I mean. Churning through that muck you really appreciate every opportunity to keep what little momentum you have. You also need, as my friend Jeff C. puts it, the "ass of power" to motor through the mud and up the runups.

Anyway... I'm sure Funke will have a report up somewhere, and photos are starting to roll in (Chris, Andreas, Sabine, and Lauren for example.) I'll leave you with my own visual mud report here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was looking thru my archives and found the results to the Surf City Finals held 11 years ago!! It was amazing to see the amount of people who are still racing strong from that final race of Surf City series years ago....

Take a look: Dave Carr had a good ride in the B division! Don Myrah was the "Man" at the time. Stella Carey had a good ride that day! And the field sizes were pretty big even though most of the groups were on Mtn Bikes! Infact if you look there were only a few Cross Bikes being used in the Men's B division. And only one female racer was on a Cross Bike! Look even Dave Carr had a Mtn Bike for his Cross race!

It really is great to see so mnay people still racing strong from that time period way back when.....

CX #8 - UCSC CycloCross, Final Event 12/3/95
Computer Timing & Results by Tom Simonson (510) 848-3634

1 456 Don Myrah Saratoga Cross 40 0
2 406 Larry Hibbard Santa Cruz MTB 32 0
3 401 Justin Robinson Santa Cruz MTB 26 0
4 426 Mike Weaver Aptos MTB 22 0
5 481 Daryl Price Durango Cross 18 0
6 416 Todd Hoefer Aptos MTB 14 0
7 411 Kevin Merrigan Alameda Cross 10 0
8 418 Brian Collins San Jose Cross 6 0
9 429 Anastas Flores, J La Selva Bch MTB 4 0
10 415 Rex Boyes Aptos Cross 2 0
11 476 Jake Perry Sunnyvale MTB 0 0
12 412 Damon Kluck Santa Cruz Cross 0 0
13 463 Michael Matthews Los Gatos MTB 0 0
14 443 Mike Ferrentino Santa Cruz Cross 0 0
15 402 Alan Gale Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
16 403 Walter Heady Santa Cruz Singl 0 0
17 432 Peter Scheibel Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
18 410 Rob Meighan Los Gatos Cross 0 0
19 440 Alex Frankel San Francisco MTB 0 0
20 477 Thomas Wold Mill Valley MTB 0 0
21 490 Frank Trotter Marin MTB 0 0
22 430 Simon Fisher Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
23 488 Aaron Peters Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
24 479 Phil Roberts San Francisco MTB 0 0
25 444 Rick Hunter Soquel Cross 0 0
26 452 Eric Richter Scotts Valley Cross 0 0
27 460 Norm Laird San Francisco Cross 0 0
28 435 Pat Schott Scotts Valley Cross 0 0
29 484 Joe Lawwill Mission Viejo MTB 0 0
30 487 Mark Hoffman Atherton MTB 0 0
31 413 Tim Cannard Los Gatos MTB 0 0
32 414 Devlin Downing San Francisco Cross 0 0
33 439 Monty Worthingt Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
34 462 David Ostrand Santa Cruz Cross 0 0
35 458 Brian Ort Santa Cruz Cross 0 0
36 467 Mitchel Garvin Fairfax Cross 0 0
37 450 Matt Nyriri Bodega Bay Cross 0 0
38 468 Steve Blick Castro Valley Cross 0 0
39 470 Sean Cottriel Newberry Pk Cross 0 0
40 466 George Hebner San Jose Cross 0 0
41 451 Willie Bullion Santa Cruz Cross 0 0
42 409 Steve Paschoal Petaluma Cross 0 0

1 826 Keith Defiebre Salinas MTB 40 0
2 805 Drew Landers San Francisco Cross 32 0
3 806 David Tricamo San Francisco MTB 26 0
4 855 Julian Zgoda San Francisco MTB 22 0
5 899 Jake Glavis Bolinas MTB 18 0
6 860 Cesar Chavez MTB 14 0
7 832 Manny Swan Sunnyvale MTB 10 0
8 838 Jaben Melville Bonny Doon MTB 6 0
9 835 Josh Whitmer San Francisco MTB 4 0
10 874 Dan O'Connor Santa Cruz MTB 2 0
11 822 Aaron Kereluk Corralitos Cross 0 0
12 824 Lev Stryker Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
13 852 Richard Wilson Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
14 837 Rob Carnahan Santa Clara MTB 0 0
15 897 Dave Carr Napa MTB 0 0
16 849 Eric Chabot San Francisco Cross 0 0
17 807 Rob Holmberg Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
18 871 Charles Himes Milpitas MTB 0 0
19 962 Ron Koch Templeton MTB 0 0
20 820 Chris Wagner-Ja Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
21 868 Scott Letterman Ben Lomond MTB 0 0
22 816 Barnaby Lee Santa Cruz Cross 0 0
23 829 Greg Audino Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
24 859 Wallace Doolittle San Francisco MTB 0 0
25 828 Peter Geren Arcata MTB 0 0
26 850 Dan McGlaughl San Francisco MTB 0 0
27 986 Chris Shotwell Hollister Cross 0 0
28 818 David H Kuball San Francisco Cross 0 0
29 961 Mark Harrisr Soquel MTB 0 0
30 842 Stacey Sell Mt. View MTB 0 0
31 853 Deron Luzar San Luis ObispoCross 0 0
32 960 Chris Bailey San Mateo MTB 0 0
33 825 Ryan Holmes Santa Cruz Cross 0 0
34 966 George Mayer Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
35 969 Duncan Bartlett San Francisco MTB 0 0
36 958 Simon Pearson Los Altos Cross 0 0

1 743 Aaron Peters Santa Cruz MTB 40 0
2 753 Brad Halcomb Campbell MTB 32 0
3 792 Phillip Zeip La Selva Beach MTB 26 0
4 735 Pepe Parsons Soquel MTB 22 0
5 744 Rob Crompton Soquel MTB 18 0
6 759 Will Hall Santa Cruz MTB 14 0
7 723 Michael Hudson Santa Cruz MTB 10 0
8 790 Josef Hafner Scotts Valley MTB 6 0
9 707 Thomas Kern Santa Cruz MTB 4 0
10 721 Brennan Marquez Santa Cruz MTB 2 0
11 502 Sean Hayes Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
12 737 John Sampson MTB 0 0
13 766 Mar-T Wendt El Cerrito Singl 0 0
14 793 David Pauls San Jose MTB 0 0
15 798 Ron Calhoun San Jose Cross 0 0
16 756 Ken Hale Ben Lomond MTB 0 0
17 791 Matthew Singh Fresno MTB 0 0
18 722 Scott Rittschof Oakland MTB 0 0
19 501 Cody Boling Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
20 795 Corey Marriott Aptos Cross 0 0
21 794 Carl Ray Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
22 745 Michael Mitchell Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
23 797 Glenn Tower Toledo MTB 0 0
24 796 Jon Schantz Scotts Valley Cross 0 0
25 782 Shane Collins Santa Clara MTB 0 0
26 767 Dan Graybill Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
27 787 Mike Evans Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
28 799 Stephen Alfred Soquel MTB 0 0
29 785 Kiet Do Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
30 789 Chris Mazzone San Jose Cross 0 0
31 788 Lisa Greene San Jose MTB 0 0
32 786 Vu Ha Santa Cruz MTB 0 0

1 250 Seth Angevine San Jose Cross 40 0
2 249 Danny Ward Santa Cruz Cross 32 0
3 247 Dylan Jones Aptos MTB 26 0
4 248 Karl Anderson Aptos MTB 22 0
5 246 Davey Simon Tiburon Cross 18 0
6 260 David Clark Santa Cruz MTB 14 0
7 259 Kevin Joell Napa Cross 10 0
8 252 Jacques Russel Tiburon Cross 6 0

1 335 Anton McGready Albany Cross 40 0
2 333 John Brown Santa Cruz MTB 32 0
3 329 Jeff Watts Aptos MTB 26 0
4 332 Joe Blanco San Francisco MTB 22 0
5 330 Mark Michel Santa Cruz Cross 18 0
6 322 Randy Denton Alameda Cross 14 0
7 327 John Royson Albany Cross 10 0
8 331 Steve Lamont Watsonville MTB 6 0
9 328 Richard Latorraca Soquel MTB 4 0
10 326 Robert Kurosawa Oakland Cross 2 0
11 398 Steve Smull San Francisco MTB 0 0
12 324 Peter Steiner Kensington Cross 0 0
13 321 Steve Palmer San Luis ObispoMTB 0 0
14 397 Steve Vratny Aptos MTB 0 0
15 325 Peter Dahlstran Berkeley Cross 0 0
16 340 David Foyle Fremont Cross 0 0

1 272 Tomarra Notch Chatsworth Cross 40 0
2 270 Stella Carey Mill Valley MTB 32 0
3 282 Nicole Amaral Aptos MTB 26 0
4 291 Gina Hall Fairfax MTB 22 0
5 271 Sarah Yntema Ross MTB 18 0
6 290 Ariel Mahar San Francisco MTB 14 0
7 274 Carissa Galindo Santa Cruz MTB 10 0
8 285 Camille Moitozo-L Campbell MTB 6 0
9 269 Michelle Foster San Mateo MTB 4 0
10 268 Julene Mitchell Santa Cruz MTB 2 0
11 275 Sharon Pullar Aptos MTB 0 0
12 281 Margare Sutherlan Milpitas MTB 0 0
13 280 Laurie Halee Santa Cruz MTB 0 0
14 278 Kellie Moylan La Honda MTB 0 0
15 296 Angela Ford Fairfax MTB 0 0

Jeff Clark

1:01 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

Well, my opinion was that the course designers did what they could with what they had (too bad they couldn't use the whole dang place with more pavement and hard dirt sections), but in my opinion, it had too much running! We didn't even need the barriers as there were plenty of sections that forced even the best bike handlers to get off and run. I forget her name, but Hernandez's wife(?) was in agreement with me that they should have just cut out the whole long flat-run section in the corral. If they replaced that with some pavement or roadie-friendly section, it would have been on par with most world cup courses. I was actually happy for some "true" cross conditions (mud, wet grass, etc). At times during the race, I was thinking how much the course sucked and it was a pointless challenge to have to run and slog that much, but when I got to the fun parts, I had a mud-eating grin on my face and loved it. (until the next time up the long run up or the long flat run)
Looking forward to the rest of the season with more mud, but hopefully less running :~)))

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man I hope you didn't actually eat that "mud."

2:12 PM  
Blogger Olaf Vanderhoot said...

ewww ...

and i'll be cleaning that 'mud' out of the back of sputnik for months.

The day before, when we finished the setup and started the fine-tuning, BJM was doing 7+ minute semi-hotlaps. I say semi-hotlaps because he'd been pounding stakes and heaving equipment all day like the rest of us ... yet still took time and energy to pre-ride the course and do modifications.

bone-up stud.

anyway, the night's rains had slowed the course a lot and when Casey was telling us the 10 minute barrier was being broken on early category laps ... we considered taking out the Corral of Death (hopefully not death-by-poopoisoning).

But, what the hell ... this was one helluva year so we decided to go big.

we swung for the fences.

- - -

and man, how about all those people who stayed after, in the rain and through the muck, to help break down the course. We were out of there right as the day's light faded ... when we thought for sure it'd be a "find the flashlight" end to the series.

so many people to thank. Surf City/Cyclocross/mud ... sure as hell brings out the good in folks.

crazy mofos.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Velo Bella said...

If you got any of the awesome Castelli swag or Spokesman gift certificates, in your prize bag, you can thank The Spokesman Bicycles for their support. They were our barrier sponsors. You do the math on why barriers stay in the course.

and yeah, I wanted the corral out. But after watching the C women race it all out, without a peep of complaint, and Mary Ann Hunter almost ride the whole damn thing...I let the guys override me.

It was worth it for the footage.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Brent Chapman said...

Dang.. Theres some names you dont see at cross anymore too. I recall a team angst era... A few I know that hung up the cleats for kids..

yah.> BJM really helped dial that course in the day before sat. It had all my tricks tied together in a way that I hadn't figured out how to do yet.. but that is pretty much because we were forced to use the lower section.. and no one wanted to go out to lala land at the end of the parking lot again.. and if you did because your crazy, just ask Josie B she went and said the mud was freaky.

The mud was epic. I got my one lap on and that was more than enough for me. (course I had a sledge hammer in my pocket and was wearing rubber boots)...

5:50 PM  
Blogger Dave Carr said...

I'm the opposite view, the corral run was great. How often do you get the kind of challenge where all your running training can be put to use? Plus the challenge of poking around trying to find the good line - and there was one.

I overheard Andy JM before the race mentioning something about a "secret line" he had found - don't know if he was talking about the corral, but you get the idea. Tricky courses bring out the best in a rider. I was thinking about the Golden Gate Park race and all the elbow throwing and cussing - you didn't hear any of that yesterday, at least not between riders. If you've got enough breath to argue, the course isn't hard enough.

You want Euro, look at the photos in the old Burney CX book (like this one) -- those guys would have to run way farther than that sometimes.

After all these years of racing and reading race reports, I now know that as soon as someone says "that's not true cross" you must have done something right. Eh, Jeff?

But, as I commented to Cameron, a little less tasting poo would have been nice...

7:07 PM  
Blogger Velo Bella said...

Michael's video

shows how the top guys chose to run the corral.

note Ben's line

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure I tasted a little Poo!! but it was worth it to race! I think Hernandez and his wife Sabine did a fine job, and thanks to them! Also the race the next day CCCX was wet and wild and that course was very good with the bad conditions there too, I kind of missed eating Poo there.

Also looking at the Surf City finals race list from 11 years ago, it is interesting to see that the Jacques Maynes did not even do any Surf City cross that year, and it was Daryl Price, and Kevin Merrigan who were chasing Myrah. And Justin Robinson and Larry Hibbard on Mtn bikes.

That was a great era for racers and if you look at the list, that time period produced some of the great riders ever from Northern California!

Here is to the Surf City and other races in Northen California!! Thanks for the good times!

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Gabe said...

The course was awesome! The corral hurt and the long run-up was brutal, but it was a blast. Thanks so much for putting it together, most fun i've ever had at a race not in a dress.

9:08 PM  
Blogger funkdaddy said...

I thought the course was awesome, the off-cambers and twists and turns and descents were great. If anything had to be changed, separating the two long running sections would have helped the flow. I don't think more pavement was necessary, there were some fast sections in there.

We can bitch and moan about the perfect course but in the end the strongest rider wins and the rest of us have excuses for sucking. BTW I have a boatload of 'em myself - read my report here...

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the Funkester......

If you win or race well you are at peace with the course and liking it!

If you suck, then you moan and complain it was the courses fault and it needed more of this or more of that!

People really need to ride more and complain less.

12:45 AM  
Blogger Benjaminiac said...

I agree with most of you about the extended running...both the pros and the cons. sure it was pretty brutal to put two 1 min runs in a 3 minute span. if it were up to me though, i'd have taken out the hill, we already did it and it was the only part that left the lower area. plus it was pretty much out of sight. i actually like flat runs like the corral.

you know what's really ironic about that whole part of the course? the corral was put in to make for a smooth, faster piece of course to "rest up" for the run.


in general, i like muddy courses that make you think. can i ride it? is it faster to ride or get off? what about the next lap: is the course degrading or firming up? i was watching a dutch CX race on tv and Groonendal was hoping on and off his bike for tricky corners and short little bits but he was so smooth about it that he was just dancing away from the field. that's (one of) the beauties of cross: there's brute power involved, but the astute and attentive racer can save that energy for when it counts by making proper choices.

on another note, you won't find me in that '95 results sheet cuz i was 17 and hadn't even heard of 'cross yet. i didn't start crossing til i came down to santa cruz for college in 96. but i won my first race, juniors out at big creek, on my single speed totally flailing about. it was great, and i've never looked back.

9:59 PM  
Blogger funkdaddy said...

That's a freakin' better way to "rest up" than a 1 minute running interval.

I must concur on the issue of courses with options. I don't think enough course designers think about that. Another example: 99 Nats - the widely-spaced sets of barriers that were just far apart enough for a few pedal strokes if you chose to get back on - Gully was running, Saturn was riding. It's cool to watch different approaches and how they suit the rider(s) in question.

11:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah watch some of the old cross tapes from the 80's and 90's in Europe and you will see some tuff courses! if you layed out on of those courses now people would cry and cry, but it made for some serious action and great spectacle.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Dave Carr said...

Great video Olaf. That reminded me of another little detail. When I got home to clean up I had a big ass mud pie stuck to my back right pocket where the bike contacted during the runs. Four by four square and a solid half inch thick. Right!!

1:56 PM  

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