Monday, October 23, 2006

Official Pilarcitos Candlestick Report

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October 23, 2006

Complete results from Sunday's 2nd Round of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series, presented by Accelerade, are available on the Pilarcitos Cyclesports website

They were actually accessible last night but we were still moving trailers and equipment and ran out of promoting gas.

Our thanks to Chief Ref. Casey Kerrigan, Judges Barry Parks, Ryan Fu and Jenny Lun for scoring over 350 riders yesterday. If you want to see the magnitude of a judge's job in 'cross, pick a quiet time and peek over their shoulders - they score EVERY rider on EVERY lap. They get issued hand/wrist ibuprofen. And Tom Simonson, co-promoter of the 1975 National Cyclocross Championships in Tilden Park (1st 'cross championships in the US) recognizes enough of you to make corrections on the fly to our data base. If we're still missing team names or even Tom can't penetrate a mispelling from our data entry folks trying to decipher handwriting - please drop us a note so we can correct it.

Roaring Mouse Team Competie will be issued this week, as well as Series points standings. And I understand from Steve Woo and Scott Peradotto that Accelerade will position 5,000,000 gallons of water at McLaren Park to make sure there's enough Accelerade to float a battleship. I think I saw about 15-5 gallon water jugs when they first arrived yesterday and you closed them out. This was a warm weekend and I know the Roaring Mouse and Pilarcitos crew went through a lot of liquids yesterday. Maybe fall weather will pay us a visit one of these days.

We had several repeat winners from Hellyer Park with Buckwheat doubling in Master 45’s, Steve Reaney getting #2 in Master 35’s, Jeremy Blalock in Juniors, Jennifer Jordan in Women’s C and John Elgart in Master 55’s – even lack of a velodrome couldn’t keep these folks off the podium again.

Elite races had new winners this weekend with Shelley Olds taking her first BASPS victory and Justin Robinson, hot off the UCI points quest back east the last couple of weeks, unraveling a pack of 5 leaders midway through the contest to take the win. The Emen’s Series pot now stands at $910 after 2 races (see the link on the website to understand EMen and EWomen’s series prize package) with Mark Noble leading the results. Our next 2 races fall on the same weekends as the western swing of the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross.

What’s ahead for McLaren Park? Big Cheese from Roaring Mouse Paule Bates will be consulting on the park circuit – we’ll use a good stretch of Crocker-Amazon playfields as well as some of the less daunting portions of McLaren that Dylan uses for DFL’s challenge. Now, THAT’S 1 tough race.

Tom & Alec
Pilarcitos Cyclesports

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