Friday, December 01, 2006

Wicks, Olds, Kramer, Lambert, & Chavez Post "A" Division Wins at CCCX #3.

Report Filed by Dusty Downs:

This past Sunday Nov. 26, Manzanita Park in Prunedale featured a Cyclocross track praised by most racers. It was put to good use as NorCal Cyclocross speedsters did battle in the Central Coast Series race #3 held one week before the District Championships coming on Dec. 3rd. This fine day for Cross racing had many great performances and winners of each division topped strong fields and a demanding course. In the end the rain came but only in time to drench the promoters cleaning up thousands of feet of course tape. In the Elite racing action it was Barry Wicks(Kona) and Shelley Olds(HRS/Rock Lobster) who looked like NorCal's strongest heading to the NCNCA Districts the following Sunday. Here is a division by division re-cap of the days racing action.........

Elite Men- Barry Wicks has never lost a CCCX Cross event. Wicks has been the only rider for a while to be able to top racers like Ben and Andy Jacques-Maynes, or Justin Robinson who have had a strangle hold on CCCX wins when they compete. On this day Wicks had a past CCCX race winner from 2004 Josh Snead(HRS/Rock Lobster) and team mate David Wyandt(HRS/Rock Lobster) to deal with, as well as a hungry group of Elite racers. Snead, Keith DeFiebre(Lapierre/Ritchey) and Wicks set the tempo on lap one until Snead was "rider down" in a loose corner. Snead had already suffered rib damage in Boulder Co. and this high speed wipe out didn't help his breathing as the race wore on. Wyandt, who was on a strong day of fitness, settled into a rhythm with the lanky Kona rider Wicks, who was the only rider to constantly ride the run up portion of the course. Snead made it back to the leaders after his spill, but in the end could only manage 3rd overall at the finish. Meanwhile Wyandt did not just follow Wicks, he tried a few flyers on last years US GP Champion. But Wicks was having none of that and the Kona rider used constant pressure to separate himself from Wyandt and ride to a 40 second victory and some CCCX cash for his effort. Behind the top three there was some great racing going on. One story that developed was the "Saga of Hernando!". Absent from his call up was Michael Hernandez(Safeway/Geezers) who pulled a rookie maneuver and missed the start! Was he getting a massage in the car?? Was he waiting out side the gate to Manzanita Park wondering if the race was cancelled?? No one knew, but when he did join the race about 52 seconds after the start, Hernando was super charged, and had one of the greatest runs in CCCX history. Hernando went from group to group, waiting momentarily then attacking as he worked his way thru the entire field. It was a great run as he worked all the way into a top 5 placing in the final laps. In the end the incredible Hernando was 6th just a few seconds behind 3rd placed Snead, and appears to be best when he starts about one minute after everyone else. Cameron Falconer(Hunter/DFL) and Monterey's Pat Rocchi had a great dual going. Both riders were locked up in a great battle between each other, and to also hold off hard charging Troy Barry(Cal Giant). At the line it was Falconer who claimed 4th overall on the day only 9 seconds behind 3rd placed Snead. Rocchi who has had a very strong Cross season had to settle for 5th place three seconds later. Barry had a interesting race working his way thru riders into a good position only to have wheel trouble. After a wheel change, Barry then made more moves thru some grouped riders to end up a solid 7th place on the day. DeFiebre also broke his rear wheel which ended any hopes of a top 10 finish on the day for the Lapierre/Ritchey sponsored rider. Joe Walsh(HRS/Rock Lobster) had a very nice ride on the day. Walsh rode his way past many riders and held off a late charge from team mate Rob Evans(HRS/Rock Lobster) to claim a fine 8th overall in this very fast group. Making top 10 on the day was Jeff Hautman(Clif Bar) who out kicked Defiebre who was on a broken rear wheel for that final top 10 position. Aaron Bonar(Sycip) was another rider who seemed to get better as the race progressed and the Berkeley based rider ended 12th overall on the day. Jason Rahwles(Fox Shox) out pedaled Nick Hanni(Fussion Sport) for the next placing. Rick Hunter(Hunter Cycles) of Soquel rounded out the top 15. Another rider who was well on his way for a top 15 finish was David Widmark(East Bay Velo) of Albany, but a broken rear mech. with five laps to go set back any hopes of a solid finish for the smooth riding Widmark. Wicks won the war, but the top team on the day was HRS/Rock Lobster who placed 4 riders in the top 10.

1 939 10 laps @ 55'59'' Barry Wicks KONA Santa Cruz
2 963 40'' David Wyandt HRS/Rock Lobster Bonny Doon
3 931 2'44'' Joshua Snead HRS/Rock Lobster Larkspur
4 923 2'53'' Cameron Falconer Hunter/DFL Fairfax
5 930 2'56'' Pat Rocchi Monterey
6 932 2'57'' Michael Hernandez Safeway/Greezers Aptos
7 959 3'08'' Troy Barry Cal Giant/Specialized San Jose
8 945 3'54'' Joe Walsh HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
9 943 3'58'' Rod Evans HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
10 957 4'04'' Jeff Hantman Clif Bar Oakland
11 999 4'09'' Keith DeFiebre LaPierre/Ritchey/Calabazas Prunedale
12 937 4'42'' Aron Bonar SYCIP Berkeley
13 946 5'10'' Jason Rahwles Fox Racing Shox Capitola
14 934 5'13'' Nick Hani Fussion Sport San Fransico
15 958 5'26'' Rick Hunter Hunter Cycles Soquel
16 966 5'30'' David Widmarli East Bay Velo Club Albany
17 920 5'39'' Julian Villafane Los Gatos
18 928 9 laps @ 56'19'' Sean Coffey HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
19 941 9'' Brian Rogers SYCIP San Fransico
20 933 18'' Jay Buenaventura Third Rail Cycling Club Berkeley
21 951 19'' Johnathan Gill Josely's Seaside
22 919 46'' Dean Poshard Construction San Jose
23 965 2'32'' Mark Barnum VC DIPPACH Walnut Creek
24 964 dnf Evan Adams HRS/Rock Lobster San Fransico

Elite Women- Shelley Olds was on form. Olds who was the NCNCA B.A.R. champion on the road this past season, pulled a early race flyer on the group and that was that! Olds who has won many Cross races this year soloed the rest of the race a cruised to a fine victory of 1:35 over 2nd place. Team mate Stella Carey(HRS/Rock Lobster) of Soquel also cruised to her placing on the day. Carey rode consistent during the event and covered her team mates winning aggression showing a fine one, two finish for the HRS/Rock Lobster female racers. Black Market Racing sponsored rider Katrina Baumstieger of Templeton was 28 second behind Carey at the line and claimed the bronze medal on the day. Baumstieger never let up her chase of Carey and this was crucial as Dr. Lauren Constantini(Sycip) was in hot pursuit of the top 3 on the day. The San Francisco M.D. was close at times to Baumstieger but could never bridge the gap and ended 22 seconds out of the medals and cash payouts. Ann Fitzsimmons(Velo Bella/Kona) was 4th on the day 26 seconds behind Constantini.

1 318 6 laps @38'10'' Shelley Olds HRS/Rosk Lobster Los Gatos
2 316 1'35'' Stella Carey HRS/Rosk Lobster Soquel
3 314 2'03'' Katrina Baumstieger Black Market Racing Templeton
4 324 2'25'' Lauren Constantini SYCIP San Fransico
5 315 2'51'' Ann Fitzsimmins Velo-Bella/KONA Morgan Hill

Master Men 35+ A- This division saw a star studded four rider break take it to the final moments of the race. In the end it was Henry Kramer(Cal Giant Inc.) who bumped and banged his way to the win. Making up the four man break for the 1st place cash payout was Kramer, Masters National Champ and team mate Todd Hoefer(Cal Giant Inc.), past Masters Super Cup Champ Rich Maile(Art By OPSAL), and BASP #1 ranked John Funke(Sycip). These four riders proved cream of the crop on the day and took part in a great race for spectators to watch. It all came down to the final lap, and at the top of the hill with one to go, Funke tried a flyer to claim that win that has been eluding the San Francisco father of two. Maile, on his single speed, was incredibly smooth and made up any gap that was there, but seemed under geared when push came to shove. Funke again tried to take the front up the final run up, but was countered by Kramer, and a sprint for the win seemed in order. It was all going to come down to the final board section before the uphill sprint with Funke and Kramer in a virtual dual into the man made wood barriers. Maile and Hoefer seemed to be on the outside looking in, slightly trailing Kramer and Funke who took to the final obstacle first side by side. Was it a shove? Or was it just incidental contact? If it was the NFL it could have been pass interference, but Funke and Kramer came into contact as they went for the pedals to start the uphill sprint. After further video review no penalty flag was thrown. Kramer got the best of this get together and he was off for the line. Funke suffered the worst from the contact, and a few glances back from Kramer were followed by a fine two arm victory salute for the Cal Giant rider after a great sprint for the win. Maile chased as hard as possible. Yet it is these moments when one gear is not enough, but Maile still sprinted to take 2nd from the dejected Funke who saw another win slip from his grasps. Funke should have the last laugh taking home the top cash prize and Elite title at the BASP series next week. Yet all of Team Sycip will be holding their breath hoping Funke can deliver the goods and not have another "what if" story for his personal blog. Hoefer, who seems to be finding form after a year off of Cross racing was 4th on the day. Next across the line, 1:15 later was Mark Howland(Black Market Racing). Howland was solo for most of the race and had to work in the end to hold off the hard charging pair of Brij Lunine(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) and Tim Thompson(Floss Aid) who finished together 24 seconds behind Howland. Twelve seconds later came Mark Abele(Boure/Cane Creek), who was the 45+ A CCCX series winner in 2006 and was racing down a age group for the challenge. Nine seconds after the fast riding Abele was Tim Watson(HRS/Rock Lobster) of San Jose. The next four riders were separated by only 8 seconds at the line. This was quite a tussle of talented riders and it was Daniel McNally(DFL) who has bragging rights in this group. McNally claimed the coveted top 10 finish and relegated the other three riders to just outside the top 10 bubble. Eric Bustos(Cal Giant Inc.) just lost the sprint for tenth and Fox racing sponsored Stacey Cell came across the line a scant 5 seconds later. Cell is a Prunedale local and trains often in this area with his wife and also with their dog sometimes along for the training sessions. A mere two seconds later came strong riding Mike Morgan(Sycip) who ended up lucky 13th on the day. Brad Koester, the coaster king of the red light district in S.F. and a past single speed CCCX champ was next across the finish in 14th on the day. Next was Gannon Myall(Cal Giant Inc.) who had some type of mechanical issue??, and did not have one of his better days of the year. Look for Myall to bounce back next weekend at the District race at Coyote Point. Next to finish was Dave Tricamo(DFL) riding out of San Fran. Tricamo has raced the NorCal Cross scene for years and always makes his way to show support of the CCCX series and his rides are greatly appreciated. Erik Thunstrom(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) fought off Jeff Hane(FWR/Tww) at the line as this was bragging rights between Boulder Creek and Campbell, with Boulder Creek riding Thunstrom just edging across ahead of Hane from Campbell. Next across the line was Steve Hess(Fox/SCCCC) who is making a fine come back after a shoulder break at Hellyer Park earlier in the year. This was a great effort for Hess to get back in the action after such a bad hit so soon! Gregory Phipps(Black Market Racing) rounded out the top 20 on the day just finishing ahead of John Cheetham(EMC/Vellum Cycles). One rider who was on his way to a good finish but suffered a flat was John Kammeyer(Lapierre/Ritchey). Kammeyer looks to crack the top 10 at next weeks NCNCA Districts. Norman Field (Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) and Troy Mayfield(Spokesman) were next across the line.

1 733 7 laps @ 40'22'' Henry Kramer Cal Giant Menlo Park
2 761 1'' Rich Maile Art by OPSAL Sacramento
3 766 5'' John Funke San Fransico
4 730 9'' Todd Hoefer Cal Giant Watsonville
5 739 1'24'' Mark Howland Black Market Racing Santa Cruz
6 714 1'48'' Brij Lunine Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
7 723 1'48'' Tim Thompson Floss Aid San Jose
8 720 2'00'' Mark Abele Boure/Cane Creek Concord
9 765 2'09'' Tim Watson HRS/Rock Lobster San Jose
10 760 2'31'' Daniel McNally DFL
11 718 2'32'' Eric Bustos Cal Giant Alameda
12 746 2'37'' Stacey Cell Fox Racing Prunedale
13 715 2'39'' Mike Morgan SYCIP San Jose
14 475 2'52'' Brad Kiester
15 721 3'29'' Gannon Myall Cal Giant LaFayette
16 759 3'37'' Dave Tricamo DFL San Fransico
17 705 3'45'' Erik Thunstrom Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Boulder Creek
18 743 3'47'' Jeff Hane FWR/Tww Campbell
19 710 4'33'' Steve C. Hess Fox/SCCCC Santa Cruz
20 747 5'03'' Gregory Phipps Black Market Racing Pleasanton
21 764 5'18'' John Cheetham EMC/Vellum Cycles Pleasanton
22 763 5'20'' John Kammeyer LaPerre/Ritchey San Mateo
23 762 6 laps @ 40'40'' Norman Field Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
24 767 2'58'' Troy Mayfield Spokesman Santa Cruz
25 731 dnf Anastasio Flores Jr. Cal Giant La Selva Beach
26 725 dnf Mathew Kramer Los Gatos

Master Men 45+ A- This group put on a fine race and in the end there were four riders separated by less then one minute for the win. Scotts Valley Cycle Sports Brett Lambert was the winner and this win is just a example of the great riding Lambert has produced in 2006. Lambert had to dig deep to hold off the daring and determined Don Langley(Morgan Stanley/24Hour Fitness/Specialized). Langley finished a mere 22 seconds behind Lambert and a mere 22 seconds ahead of third placed John Wilson of Corvallis, Oregon. Wilson really enjoyed the NorCal cyclocross race and was impressed by the level of competition. Cross legend and past CCCX division champion Anton McGready(Boure/Cane Creek) was 4th on the day and seems to be finding form as the year progresses. Sam Giles(Art by OPSAL) and Paul Bates(Roaring Mouse Cycles) put on quite a two man dual for the next placing. They battled head to head for most of the race and at the line it was the bunny hopping Bates who bested the gamely Giles by four seconds. Next to finish was Chris Allen(TARBES Cycliste). Allen has a very cool looking racing kit and his skills are as smooth as ever in this discipline of cycling and running. Rounding out the top ten were Billy Hall (LGBRC/Easton/Specialized) of Monterey, Edwin Rambuski (Black Market Racing) of San Luis Obispo,
and Phil Trenholme(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) of Santa Cruz.

1 637 7 laps @42'53'' Brett Lambert Scotts Valley Cycle Sport Scotts Valley
2 615 22'' Don Langley Morgan Stanley/Specialized/24hr Morgan Hill
3 652 44'' JohnWilson Corvallis,Or
4 641 59'' Anton McGready Boure/Cane Creek Richmond
5 651 1'41'' Sam Giles Art by OPSAL Carmichael
6 618 1'45'' Paule Bates Roaring Mouise Cycles San Fransico
7 649 2'20'' Chris Allen TARBES Cycliste France
8 613 3'06'' Billy Hall LGBRC/Easton/Specialized Monterey
9 610 3'27'' Edwin Rambuski Black Market Racing San Luis Obispo
10 650 6 laps @ 40'44'' Phil Trenholme Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
11 607 17'' Jeff Crofton Pen Velo Half Moon Bay
12 666 23'' Mike Evans Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
13 647 24'' Tom Sullivan Amsterdam Bicycles/SCCCC Santa Cruz
14 603 1'24'' Paul Sadoff HRS/Rock Lobster Santa Cruz
15 654 1'36'' Gary Noe Johnson Bicycles Walnut Creek
16 605 1'50'' Jim Beuselinck Willow Glen Bicycles Campbell
17 614 2'02'' Larry Vanzant Hazards Cycle Sport Santa Barbara
18 626 2'57'' Robert Barber Tribe Campbell

Single-Speed A- Pat Schott(Black Market Racing) and Cesar Chavez(Buy showed everyone why they are such great cycling talents during this race. Schott a 2 time District champion, surged to the lead in this group and seemed poised for a dominate win. But charging up from behind like a mad man possessed was the determined Chavez on his single speed steed. Chavez fought tooth and nail to some how bridge the gap to the incredibly fast riding Black Market racer, but just couldn't manage to make contact. That is until the final lap with only 1/3 of the course remaining. Suddenly Chavez gained Schott's wheel and the 2 NorCal racers were in for a final shootout for the win. Psychologically the advantage was with Chavez who closed up on Schott with just a few turns leading to the finish. As the sprint developed it was the fired up Chavez who got to the line first finishing off a amazing comeback performance. Schott rolled across the line 5 seconds later after leading the entire race only to be passed at the very end of this thrilling confrontation amongst rivals. Eric Ebberoth(Bay Bikes) of Seaside was 3rd place on the day. Making the top five on the day were Philip Sims(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) of Santa Cruz, and Chavez's team mate Tim Cannard( of Los Gatos.

1 443 10 laps @ 59'40'' Ceasar Chavez San Jose
2 453 5'' Pat Schott Black Market Racing Felton
3 455 9 laps @56'41'' Eric Ebbertoth Bay Bikes Seaside
4 477 49'' Philip Sims Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
5 446 2'11'' Tim Cannard Los Gatos
6 405 3'17'' Eric Thunstrom Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Boulder Creek
7 471 3'35'' Mike Martin Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
8 413 8 laps @ 59'10'' Mike Evans Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz

B Men- This race was very close the entire 43 minutes of its duration. San Luis Obispo rider Gavin Payne(Arts SLO Cyclery) had his hands full as Bruce Syvertsen of San Francisco, Harley Constantin(Pegasus) of Danville, Lander Bravo(LaPierre/Ritchey) of San Fransico, Sean Rhea(Essex. Co. Velo) of Berkeley, Geoff Wilcox(Raleigh) of Los Altos, and Max Clifford(Team N.O.T.S.) of San Anselmo, all challenged for the lead throughout the event. The most feared of the group was the on form Lander Bravo who the day before dominated the racing at the East Bay series. Bravo ran out of steam in the final laps and yielded the top three placing to Bruce Syvertsen who ended up 2nd only 9 seconds back, and Harley Constantin who was 3rd. Payne proved to be a pain for all the other riders and showed he was strongest on the day in his fine win. Rhea, Wilcox, and Clifford were next to finish in that order after Bravo in 4th. Of note places three through seven were separated by less then 30 seconds at the line in this tightly contested race. John Caletti(Cloud Nine) of Santa Cruz, Bo Barry(Soulcraft) of Woodside, and Gabriel Byrne(Kovarus/Squadra) of San Fransico rounded out the top ten in that finishing order.

1 131 7 laps @ 43'12'' Gavin Payne Arts SLO Cyclery S.L.O.
2 143 9'' Bruce Syvertsen San Fransico
3 109 32'' Harley Constantin Pegasus Danville
4 112 41'' Lander Bravo LaPierre/Ritchey San Fransico
5 130 45'' Sean Rhea Essex. Co. Velo Berkeley
6 125 52'' Geoff Wilcox Raleigh Los Altos
7 118 59'' Max Clifford Team N.O.T.S. San Anselmo
8 149 1'40'' John Caletti Cloud Nine Santa Cruz
9 135 1'55'' Bo Barry Soulcraft Woodside
10 147 2'27'' Gabriel Byrne Kovarus/Squadra San Fransico
11 114 2'33'' Chris Sallen Belmont
12 133 2'57'' David Pedersen LaPierre/Ritchey Mountain View
13 102 3'18'' Jose Bonnilla Cal Giant Santa Cruz
14 148 3'38'' Karl Etzel LaPierre/Ritchey San Jose
15 145 3'41'' Dan Adkins Metromint Cycling Berkeley
16 132 4'40'' Mark Fitzsimmons Fox Racing Morgan Hill
17 146 5'44'' Chip Lomas San Jose
18 113 dnf Alex Work Santa Cruz

MEN'S 35+ B- Team Scotts Valley Cycle Sport had another race winner, this time it was strong riding Mitch Bramlett who took home the gold medal back to Scotts Valley. Bramlett used all his cycling knowledge to out distance and out ride the rest of the field. However, breathing down his back was San Francisco's Greg Wedeking(Sheila Moon) who ended up only 17 seconds behind at the line. Wedeking is the king of dismounts and he used all of his god given ability to chase and almost catch Bramlett. Another 17 seconds later came Jeff Poulsen who was in a fight of his own with Eric Nelson of Santa Cruz. Poulsen just held on to his advantage at the line claiming 3rd place by only 4 seconds over Nelson. Only twenty seconds later came Stinson Beach local Thomas Fox(HRS/Rock Lobster) who was 5th on the day in this very fast group of 35 + racers. Here is rest of the top ten, in this finishing order, Jeffrey Bramlett of Palo Alto, Dave Schindehette(Pegasus) of Los Gatos, Chris Baker of Soquel, Ben Lerner(Art's SLO Cyclery) of S.L.O., and Sean O'Connell(Pegasus/VandeBerghe Prop.) Danville.

MEN'S B 35+
1 414 7 laps @ 43'20'' Mitch Bramlett Scotts Valley Cycle Sport Scotts Valley
2 407 17'' Grey Wedeking Shelia Moon San Fransico
3 473 34'' Jeff Poulsen
4 426 38'' Eric Nelson Santa Cruz
5 406 58'' Thomas Fox HRS/Rock Lobster Stinson Beach
6 459 1'12'' Jeffrey Bramlett Palo Alto
7 403 1'44'' Dave Schindehette Pegasus Los Gatos
8 412 2'11'' Chris Baker Soquel
9 418 2'37'' Ben Lerner Art's SLO Cyclery S.L.O.
10 415 2'49'' Sean O'Connell Pegasus/VandeBerghe Prop. Danville
11 466 2'50'' Mirco Caramori Black Market Racing San Jose
12 457 2'51'' Mike Bodge Cal Giant Santa Cruz
13 469 3'29'' Courtney Grossman Velo Club Monterey Salinas
14 401 3'43'' David Kratti PBS Inc. Walnut Creek
15 462 3'46'' Tim Simanski Team Roaring Mouse Fremont
16 410 4'02 David Hopkins Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
17 425 4'21'' Grant Stoner Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
18 424 6 laps @ 42'45'' Steven Woo Easton/Specialized Los Altos
19 476 s.t. Paul O'Reilly Pen Velo S. San Fransico
20 421 31'' Michael Schaller Specialized/LGBRC Campbell

MEN'S 45+ B- Fresno's Clu Cotter(Cyclepath Bike Shop) is a dedicated cross racer. Cotter travels to the Central Coast races and the Surf City races just to test himself and his Cross skills. Cotter also takes part in the Fresno Cross Series which has grown over the past few years. These efforts to race Cross were rewarded with a outstanding win in this race at Manzanita Park. Cotter had to hold off local boy Scott Calley(Winning Wheels) which he did by a scant 9 seconds on the line. Cotter's son claimed the gold medal for his win and proudly wore it the whole way back to Fresno. Seventeen seconds after calley came Matt Dunstan(Scotts Valley Cycle Sport) of Boulder Creek. Dunston had a great ride and his speed and ability to handle the bike propelled him to a gap of 26 seconds ahead of the next finisher Erik Salander(Kondra Systems/Pen Velo) of Belmont. Salander is very smooth in his riding and pedaling style and it was this smooth technique that helped him end 4th on the day. Finishing out the top five was Kyle Sammuels(Cal Giant Inc.) of Watsonville. Here is a list of all the finishers in this talent filled group.

MEN'S B 45+
1 711 7 laps @45'49'' Clu Cotter Cyclepath Bike Shop Fresno
2 742 9'' Scott Calley Winning Wheels Monterey
3 707 26'' Matt Dunstan Scotts Valley cycle Sport Boulder Creek
4 703 52'' Erik Salander Kondra Systems/Pen Velo Belmont
5 758 2'31'' Kyle Samuels Cal Giant Watsonville
6 741 3'16'' Peter Sherrill MORCA Salinas
7 757 6 laps @ 42'34'' Charles Meehan SeaBright Brewery Soquel
8 712 16'' Larry Bullard HRS/Rock Lobster Soquel
9 708 37'' Dwight Goss Redwwod Riders Santa Cruz
10 755 1'30'' George Knott Team BFD Clovis
11 756 1'55'' Daniel Himes Team BFD Clovis
12 744 2'11'' Bob Lofland Team Wrong Way Morgan Hill

WOMEN'S B- Mary-Anne Hunter(Hunter Cycles) of Santa Cruz posted a solid win in this very fast female racing group. Hunter hunted down the other ladies during the 43 minute race and was well clear when the checkered flag was waved. Soni Andreini-Poulsen(Velo Bella) traveled from Arnold, CA. and put her Cross skills to use to claim the silver medal on the day. The Velo Bella rider was riding very well during the event and was comfortably set into the 2nd place position. Lindsey Collins(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) of Santa Cruz and Sarah Sturdy(Team Pony) of Portland, Or. had quite a cat fight for the 3rd place medal in this group. there was constant attacking between the two riders and at the line the difference was only 1 second as the Collins just edged the sturdy riding Sturdy. Cory Caletti(Spokesman/Cloud Nine) of Santa Cruz, high school star Lainey Aldridge(Bike Trip) of Santa Cruz, and Karen Kefauver(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) of Santa Cruz were next across the line in that finishing order.

1 451 6 laps @ 42'44'' Mary-Anne Hunter Hunter Cycles Santa Cruz
2 449 3'00'' Soni Andreini-Poulsen Velo Bella Arnold
3 478 5 laps @ 38'04'' Lindsey Collins Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
4 479 1'' Sarah Sturdy Team Pony Portland, Or
5 474 1'02'' Cory Caletti Spokesman/Cloud Nine Santa Cruz
6 480 1'55'' Lainey Aldridge Bike Trip Santa Cruz
7 450 3'07'' Karen Kefauver Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz

WOMEN'S 35+- Joan Gregg( of Sacramento was the outstanding winner in this very competitive and experienced field of fast females. Gregg used constant pressure on the rest of the group to separate herself from the chasers and claim the win. 65 seconds later came Kathleen Bortolussi(Velo Bella/KONA) of Aptos. Bortolussi had a strong ride and ended up a very fine 2nd place for her effort. The Julianna Perry(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) and Shawna Potocky (Spokesman) dual turned another page in this event with Perry edging Potocky by about half a minute for the final medal position. These two strong willed and determined riders have had some great duals during the season, and this was also one of those occasions. Melanie Dominguez (Bicycle Trip) of Aptos just edged Amy Abele(Velo Bella/KONA) of Concord for the coveted final top 5 position in the group. Julie Brothers(HRS/Rock Lobster) of Los Gatos, Melinda Jones(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC) of Santa Cruz, and Henrietta Stern (Hot Flash Chicks) of P.G. had a tight war of attrition for the next placings and it was brothers who edged Jones and Stern at the line. Also of special note was the incredible come-back to competition of Janel Lodge(Black Market Racing). Lodge has battled back from cancer and looks on her way to a complete recovery and she is a true inspiration to all CCCX racers! Great work Janel! Keep up the comeback! Also riding well was Betty Jordan(Velo Bella/KONA) of Walnut Creek.

1 657 6 laps @ 41'15'' Joan Gregg Sacramento
2 653 1'05'' Kathleen Bortolussi Velo Bella/KONA Aptos
3 604 2'24'' Julianna Perry Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
4 609 3'05'' Shawna Potocky Spokesman Santa Cruz
5 655 5 laps @ 37'58'' Melanie Dominguez Bicycle Trip Aptos
6 611 20'' Amy Abele Velo Bella/KONA Concord
7 632 45'' Julie Brothers HRS/Rock Lobster Los Gatos
8 634 47'' Melinda Jones Team Santa Cruz (SCCCC) Santa Cruz
9 648 50'' Henrietta Stern Hot Flash Pacific Grove
10 656 4'37'' Janel Lodge Black Market Racing Santa Cruz
11 616 6'32'' Betty Jordan Velo Bella/KONA Walnut Creek

WOMEN'S C- Yvonne Walbroehl(Velo Girls) of Mt. View was the winner of this group. The Velo Girls sponsored rider edged Carolina Villotone-Gotez(Los Gatos High School) of Los Gatos by 54 seconds at the finish. Walbroehl has really improved as a Cross rider and looks to keep on racing to polish up her technique for her assault on the B field. Debby Young(Fox Racing Shox) of Santa Cruz and Veronica Lentfer(Mr. Fun Cycling) of Cupertino had a very close race between themselves for the final medal position in this group. In the end it was Young who finished clear of Lentfer by only 8 seconds at the line.

JR. GIRLS- Jesse Blalock(Ventana) of Monterey is really developing into a fine cyclist. Blalock might just be the best all around athlete in her cycling family, and she was sporting a new Ventana Team Kit during this race. Blalock has huge potential for racing and she was the winner of this division.

MEN'S 55+- Frank Cuaresma(San Jose Bike Club) of San Jose has solidified himself as one of the outstanding 55+ racers in Northern California. Can he topple the living legend of John Elgart at next weekends District race remains to be seen. But the fine riding Cuaresma is a inspiration to all with his strength and vigor on a Cyclocross bike. Next in this group was a devoted Cyclocross racer who made it down to the CCCX race from Vacaville. Micheal Gomez is very talented and he combines agility and power to achieve his maximum performances. On this day he had to settle for 2nd place behind the on form Cuaresma, but he was rewarded with a CCCX medal to add to his trophy collection.

SINGLE SPEED B- Michael Mann(Team Performance) of Marina, Alexander Jackson(Cal Giant) of Napa, and Andrew May(Pegasus) of Dublin took to battle in this group and used their single speed racers to decide who was fastest on the day. Mann showed he was the man to beat by just edging Jackson in a tight finish that came down to the final barrier section. The young Jackson could not find his pedals when the sprint started after getting back on his bike and that was the difference in the race. May, who is very strong and very solid in all aspects of cycling was third overall.

C MEN- Filip Vanacht(Easton/Specialized) of Los Altos was the winner of this group. Vanacht topped Christopher Simpson(Metromint) of San Jose by a small 35 second margin. Vanacht seemed fastest on the uphill and the downhill sections of the course, but still had to work to hold off the Metromint sponsored Simpson. Next across the line was a very, very close war between Harry Sherrill of State College, PA, and Downhill ace Blake Von Knopka(Wrench Service/Ride SFO) of Berkeley. Sherrill who was out practicing the night before the race, had to sprint for the line to create any kind of gap on the downhill demon Von Knopka. In the end the difference was 3 seconds at the finish. Glen Cockrell(Labrador Construction) of Salinas rounded out the top 5 approx. 35 seconds later.

1 26 5 laps @ 33'07'' Filip Vanacht Easton/Specialized Los Altos
2 30 35'' Christopher Simpson Metromint San Jose
3 33 52'' Harry Sherrill State College, PA
4 28 55'' Blake Von Knopka Wrench Service/Ride SFO Berkeley
5 19 1'34'' Glen Cockrell Labrador Construction Salinas
6 8 1'59'' Nathan Wood Marina Cycle&Skate Salinas
7 29 2'01'' Frank Kalcic Team David & Brian Sunnyvale
8 34 2'53'' Jim Lentfer Cupertino
9 31 3'56'' David Stone BFD Clovis
10 36 4'27'' Danny Napolez Seaside
11 35 4'45'' Thomas Wood Grass Valley
12 1 5'35'' Hank Vanderstoep Bike Trip Soquel
13 27 5'52'' Neil O'Connell Pegasus/Van Den Berghe Prop. LaFayette
14 32 4 laps @ 37'17'' Jimmy Lew Santa Clara

Jr Men 14-18- Jeremy Blalock of Monterey topped a strong field of juniors on this day. Blalock has had a great cross season and he was the disserving winner on this day. Jesse Nickell Jr.(Bicycle Trip/SCCCC) of Santa Cruz, Taylor Shamshoian(Scotts Valley Cycle Sport) of Scotts Valley, Pedro Bonilla(Cal Giant) of Santa Cruz, Neil Watters of Atherton, and Miles Payton(Another Bike Shop) of Santa Cruz, all gave chase during the event and had some great racing behind Blalock. It was Nickell Jr. who broke from this group of chasers and claimed 2nd overall on the day. 24 seconds later came Shamshoian to make up the top three in this junior field. Both Nickell Jr. and Shamshoian have had great cycling progress in their abilities and results and they look ready for the NorCal high school Mtn Bike league to start in the spring. Watters and Payton also had a great dual and they had a fine sprint for the line with Watters getting the best of DH ace payton.

JR. MEN 14-18
1 915 5 laps @ 32'49'' Jeremy Blalock Monterey
2 903 35'' Jesse Nickell Jr. Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz
3 914 59'' Taylor Shamshoian Scotts Valley Cycle Sport Scotts Valley
4 902 1'03'' Pedro Bonilla Cal Giant Santa Cruz
5 906 1'18'' Neil Watters Atherton
6 907 1'19'' Miles Payton Another Bike Shop Santa Cruz
7 901 2'49'' Erik Young Bicycle Trip Aptos
8 908 3'50'' Noah Karter Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
9 963 4'11'' Ian Samuels Cal Giant Watsonville
10 961 4'31'' Steve Griffin BFD Clovis
11 905 5'47'' Kyle Vanderstoep Bicycle Trip Soquel
12 962 4 laps @ 33'50'' Tom Knott Team BFD Clovis
13 912 53'' Carl Dawson Santa Cruz

Jr 13 & Under- This group was dominated by the Bicycle Trip team. This great developmental team placed 6 riders in the top 9 for the day. Taking top honors was Oliver Nickell who topped team mate Bjorn Fox for the win. Andrew Bolton was next, with Andrew Lanier(San Jose Bike Club) of Gilroy breaking up the Bike Trip order taking the 4th place on the podium. rounding out the top 5 was Jordan Vandersoep. Also a special note of Carson Cole(Cal Giant) of Watsonville who did a great job on his special cross bike and looks to have a great future in cycling the way he rides and never gives up

JR. 13 & under
1 301 5 laps @ 35'32'' Oliver Nickell Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz
2 309 39'' Bjorn Fox Bicycle Trip Stinson Beach
3 303 2'00'' Andrew Bolton Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
4 308 4'09'' Andrew Lanier San Jose Bike Club Gilroy
5 302 4'26'' Jordan Vandersoep Bicycle Trip Soquel
6 304 4 laps @ 33'19'' Raymond George Bicycle Trip Santa Cruz
7 326 1'44'' Anders Fox Stinson Beach
8 322 2'21'' Darik Thunstrom Bicycle Trip/SCCCC Santa Cruz
9 325 5'26'' Carson Cole Cal Giant Watsonville

-Dusty Downs


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that Dusty Downs ... so hot right now.

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Great report.

1. It must be added that I benefited immensely from working with Thomas Fox for half the race of collectively breathing down the 35+ B's leader's neck until Thomas' cassette came loose and he had a time consuming bike change effectively handing me first loser placing in our race.

2. Did you make that up or am I really good at dismounting? If true I had no idea...and I'll thank god at the next barrier I encounter.

3. Bramlett: Thomas and I are comin' for ya next time.

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i finished 17th in my race and i want to know how my form looked and how my race kit looked!

please pick up your game Dusty and notice my stuff!

besides that........... great report.

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