Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sacramento #3 Results and Photos

Gateway park in Penn Valley, CA played host to a great course. The course flowed like this:

Double track start to single track. A barrier in the middle of the single track. Some more double track. Another barrier with and uphill run. Double track to long paved back straight away. Pavement dumps into a deep but ride-able sand pit. The exit of the sand pit was a steep but ride-able hump. The course doubled back on itself with more paved road. The road climbed just a bit be fore turning onto some bumpy grass. Descend down and then ride back up on bumpy grass. Hop the double barriers swing around the tree and make your way back to the double track.

Race day results have been posted:

IMHO, this was truly a great course. There were some serious battles out there. The B's under 40 was a furious race with strong fight by all for the top 5 spots.
Here are a few photos of the day: Thanks to all of those who contributed their own photos to the galley. You are making a difference within VeloCommunity.


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