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CCCX#3 Extended Report

Fitzsimmons, Wicks, Kramer, and Abele post A wins at CCCX#3

The Central Coast Cyclo-Cross series race #3 was help under perefect summer like conditions this past Sunday Nov. 13th. Blue skys and sunshine didnt dampen the enthusiasm of the many racers who competed on the fun and sometimes technical course held at the Day Camp in Ft Ord Monterey. Rapturous interest and excitement were displayed as Kona's Barry Wicks showed up to compete, giving a prelude to the big races looming on the horizon. The Vello Bella US GP of Cyclo-Cross and the GP Clark Natwick US GP Finals are only days away, and this led to some great racing as local athelets prepare for the big races ahead.

Elite Men was a feature event as Barry Wicks, now a local boy living in Watsonville, showed up to demonstrate his cross skills. The Jauques-Maynes's(Ben & Andy) have had a stranglehold on this division over the past years, and now it was up to Andy Jauques-Maynes(Cal. Giant Inc.) to lay his unbeaten streak on the line against the tall, lanky Wicks. Newly crowned District Champion Justin Robinson(Cal Giant Inc.), who went 2 years undefeated in the begining of the CCCX series years ago, was also ready to give it a go. So at the start it was no surprise to see those three and the bronze medalist from the District race Simon Vickers(Rock Lobster/Traugott Guitars) establish a break on the first lap. Only a lap later it became a two man showdown as Wicks and Jauques-Maynes were on their own to see who would collect the instant cash payout waiting at the finish. Both of these two racers were featured in VeloNews for fastest cross racers in America 2005 and they didnt disapoint the fans who remained to see the main event. Jauques-Maynes was racing on 24 hours rest and the fresh legged Wicks took full advantage of this, never stopping the attacks until he made a gap on the over raced Jauques-Maynes. Bouncing Barry Wicks also Bunny Hopped a large log that most everyone dismounted for and this combined with aggressive riding lead him to the instant cash payout win and the custom 1st place medal. Wicks said he really liked the course and had fun on the flowing curcuit that featured a little of everything. In the end Jauques-Maynes was only 45 seconds back to claim the second place cash payout. Vickers rode a steady race to claim 3rd place a few minutes later, showing the extreme pace that was put on by the VeloNews highlighted duo. Vickers has had consistant results all year long and is proving to be one of the heavy hitters in central California cross racing. Robinson was seen watching at the end of the race from the sidelines, and mentioned he was tired! Winning the districts the day before can do that to a racer! A solid 4th place finish was taken by David Wyandt(Father) who finished 30 seconds in front of 5th placed Anastasio Flores(Cal Giant Inc.). Aaron Kereluk(Rock Lobster/Traugott Guitars), Jeffrey Hantman(Clif Bar), Brett Hondorp(Sycip), Jesse Mayberry(Lapierre/Ritchey), and Brian Vernor(Hunter Cycles/Pajaro Rollerz) rounded out the top ten in that order. Hats off to the Lapierre/Ritchey rider Mayberry who is slowly making a name for himself in the A field, upgrading after a solid run of B races this past season.

Elite Women saw Ann Fitzsimmons(Velo Bella) take the hole shot at the gun, and never look back on her way to an impressive win. Maybe it was the cheering (Whip Cracking) from her husband, the legendary Mark Fitzsimmons that motivated her. Either way, the Velo Bella rider held the front from the begining and showed her form is peaking at the right time leading into the big events held at the end of the year. Fitzsimmons claimed a cash payout 17 seconds in front of hard charging Kelly Bike Company racer Stella Carey. Carey had a hard fought duel with newly crowned District champion Josie Beggs(Starbucks/Cal Giant Inc.) and the difference at the line was only 2 seconds. Their respective instant cash payout was the same, but Carey could take solice in the silver CCCX medal which was a tad brighter then the bronze one recieved by the up and coming Beggs. Shelley Olds(Rock Lobster/Traugott Guitars) had a incredible ride coming back from a high speed pavement get off suffered a few weeks ago at the Candle Stick park race. Olds was attacking the chase group and showing fine riding ability. In the end she was only 8 seconds down to the third placed finisher Beggs. So look to Olds to continue her fine riding in some of the next few races of the busy central California cross season. Hillary Daniels(Norcal Velo) started slow but worked her way back into contention and rounded out the top five with a solid effort.

Master 35+ Mens A field was strong as usual, except for some injured racers missing who usually hold down spots at the front of the pack. John Funke(Sycip) and Keith DeFiebre(Lapierre/Rithcey) will surely make a return to racing soon and until then there will never be a lack of true studs to drive the front. Others who could make a case to hold down top spots could have been National Champion Alan Coates or juiced up cross star Michael Hernandez, or newly crowned District Champ Rich Maile, or the on form David Eastwood, but they chose to sit this one out . Newly crowned 45+ District champion Henry Kramer(Cal Giant Inc.) decided to go for the cash payout and do battle in this 35+ group that boasts the most competitive racing of any group in central California. Standing in his way of the instant cash payout were racers like Chris D'Alusio(Morgan Stanley/Specialized/24Hour Fitness) who hasnt lost a CCCX race in his past 9 attempts. Or Gannon Myall (Cal Giant Inc.) who is riding really well and ready for his National call up this weekend in the Vello Bella US GP race. Or the mighty Mark Howland(Black Market Racing) who's Thor like stength is always somewhere near the front of the field. Or even series leader Tim Thompson(Euro Cycling Imports) who is having a stellar cross campaign and has Pro national MTB experience in each pedal stroke. So Krammer had his hands full, and with a little luck and fine racing form, he claimed his huge cash payout within seconds of crossing the line first in this stacked division. These five riders, D'Alusio-Kramer-Myall-Howland-Thompson, established a early break on the rest of the field, and it was mother nature who played the first card in deciding the winner. D'Alusio caught a downed tree branch in his drive train and this led to a bike change and loss of crucial time in this hammer fest of a race. In the end he was one lap short of catching back to the lead four and had to settle for 5th and an end to his win streak before it reached double digits. This left team mates Kramer and Myall to drive the pace and see if they could shake Howland and Thompson. Giving chase to the lead group was Christopher Daugherty(Infineon Raceway), Tim Watson(Velo Bella), Robert Meighan(Clif Bar), Charles Hess(Bicycle Trip), Brock Dickie(Buy Cell), Paul Janney(ABS), Thomas Fiex(Webcor/Alto Velo), and Brij Lunine(Missing Link/Bianchi). And on the final lap it was the break away group of four within seconds of eachother heading up the final climb with 5 more minutes left of racing. Myall took the front at the top of the climb, but Krammer put in a huge effort to re take the front and dice his way to the win and instant cash 7 seconds ahead of his Cal Giant Inc. team mate Myall. A mere six seconds later the incredibly strong pair of Howland and Thompson crosssed the line seperated by only a wheel length, with Howland taking his second consecutive money performance in the CCCX series and the bronze medal. The rest of the top 10 looked like this Daugherty, Watson, Meighan, Mathews, and Hess.

45+ Mens A field was a hard fought race with Mark Abele(Boure) staying undefeated in the CCCX 2005 series and winning by 1:03 over "Jammin" Jim Gentes(Family Cycling Center) with Doug Hatfield(Family Cycling Center) another 30 seconds a drift claiming the bronze medal. Gentes and Hatfield were the only riders to stay within 2 minutes of the screaming fast Abele who is showing no mercy to the rest of the 45+ group this season. This also could have been because Abele was recieving false information from a spectator who was telling him that Gentes was catching up! This led to Abele sprinting wildly on the run up as if his win streak was in jeopardy. Abele ended up putting three minutes into Steve Stewart(LGBRC Easton/Specialized) and almost 4 minutes into the smooth riding Edwin Rambuski(Balck Market Racing). Other top finishers in this super competitive division were Mark Michell(Bicycle Trip), Thomas Sullivan(Amsterdam Bicycles), "Fast" Frank Cuaresma(Cal Giant Inc.), Dave Samples Sr.(Cal Giant Inc.), Scott Martin(Bicycle Trip), Kim Akol(Bicycle Trip), and Jim Beuselinck(Euro Cycling Imports), placing in that order. David Samples Sr. had a incredible ride on this perfect day for a summer suffer fest held in November. Samples chased down his team mate Cuaresma lap after lap making up a large deficit during the race, only to fall a spot behind at the finish in another one of their epic duels!

The B Mens race was won by David Samples Jr.(Cal Giant Inc.). Samples was the winner of race#1 in the CCCX series, and he shot to the front of this race, testing out the other riders to see who would chase. Making the pace behind were Brian Rogers(Sycip Racing), Patrick Williams, Geoff Luttrell(Strongbadia), Andrew Hammond(Specialized), and little Logan Loader(Alan Factory). Samples kept applying pressure and slowly opened up a gap on the rest of the field. He was searching for his second win of the series, and racing in front of a large group of family memebers and friends. Thus the motivated Samples rode solo for the majority of the race to score a fine win. Samples now is 2 for 2 in wins this season in the CCCX series, he missed race #2. But there is a throw out race in the points total for the year, and the last race is double points, so he is still in line for a series championship. Brian Rogers never gave up the chase and only finished 26 seconds down to claim the custom silver medal for 2nd place. Amazingly, Logan Loader pulled off a third place finish in this competitive B mens group. Loader, the newly crowned District junior champion was riding his third race of the weekend. He won both his other races, and was searching for three medals in one weekend, and pulled it off! Loader held off the tenacious Patrick Williams by 7 seconds to claim the final medal position of this group. Strong riding Lutrell was 5th on the day just 2 seconds later. While the up and coming Specialized rider Hammond never gave in to the pain and finished only 6 seconds later. Stan Barrett(Cycle Smart) crossed the line in the 7th position and held off a hard charging group that contained many established cross racers. Tim Granshaw(Lapierre/Ritchey) chased as hard as possible and was only 14 seconds behind the bicycle smart riding Barrett. Granshaw is slowly finiding his form and looks to finish the season off strongly. Legend Mark Ftzsimmons(Fox Racing Shox) had a tussle on his hands with Ryan Schlichting(SF Sport and Spine) and Eric Bergstorm(LGBRC Easton.Specialized). Fitzsimmons had to use all of his craftiness and gile to hold those riders off at the line . The consistant Schlichting was only 9 seconds behind at the finsh, and the battle proven Bergstrom was only 3 seconds back at the line. Tim Roehrl, Brian Muck, Johannes Schmidt(Lapierre/Ritchey), and Uri Friedman(Borracho/Bike-Co-op) rounded out the top 15 for the day. Top 20 finishers were Tim Simanski(Roaring Mouse Cycles), Morgan Fletcher(SF Sport and Spine), Isaiah Stackhouse(SF Sport and Spine), Francisco Luna, and Gregg Machez(Equipe Le Matin) in that order. Of note, David Pederson(Lapierre/Ritchey) was having a solid ride until a mechanical cost him much time. But the determined Pederson found time to retrieve another bike and finish out the event showing great dedication and desire.

Master Men 35+ B division was won by series leader Murray Swanson(Peninsula Velo). Swanson, riding out of Woodside, started slowly but picked his way thru the field as time went on. He finished 26 seconds ahead of Brett Lambert(Scotts Valley Cycle Sport). Mitch Bramlett, who is showing fine racing ability this season claimed the bronze medal another 20 second later. Both Brammlett brothers never bow out of a race and always bother to give their best in any situation never boasting of their accomplishments. Jeffrey finished 7th on the day. Bob Barwick(Family Cycling Center) had his best result of the series finishing a solid 4th on the day. Barwick who is always wearing a smile as shop manager at Family Cycling Center was only 20 seconds off of the podium on the day. Another shop employee who has had a great cross campaign is Chris Rodriguez, who races for, and works for, Pegasus Bicycles in Danville. The kind and smart Rodriguez was 5th on the day and held off hard charging Tao Bernardi by a scant 2 seconds. Rounding out the top 15 were Paul Bates(Roaring Mouse Cycles), Chris Baker, Deric Dangzaian, Scott Zavack(Black Watch), William Muir(Stevenson creek/European),Shawn Williams(On The Couch), Grant Stoner(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC), and Benoit Dubuisson(SCCC/Le Village Imports) in that order.

Master Men 45+ B division had Keith Henderson(Team Bicycle Trip) ride to a convincing win by 1:40 over 2nd place. Henderson, who is also an established mtn bike racer, rode hard from the begining and never let off the pace. In 2004 Henderson pushed star series champ Paris Loader to the brink in the CCCX Mtn Bike series only to fall short in the end. So he took revenge on the 45+ field, and proved he can win cross races as well as mtn bike ones too. Eric Salander(Peninsula Velo) claimed the silver medal on the day holding off a strong group of riders by mere seconds. One of these riders was the dashing series leader Scott "Dino" DeLaurentis(LGBRC Easton/Specialized). The dominating DeLaurentis never likes to lose and did all in his power to claim the bronze medal on the day. Thus displaying his never say die attitude and showing others what a true competitor he really is. William Hall was only one second out of the medal spots and had to settle for 4th on the day. Other riders to make the top placings were Peter Sherrill(Mt Nittany Wheelworks), Matt Dunstan(Scotts Valley Cycle Sport), Bruce Lodge(Black Market Racing), Richard Robinson, Larry Morin(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC), Len Tabor(Velo Club Monterey), and Larry Billard(Rock Lobster/Traugott Guitars) in that order.

Master Women 35+ had series leader Beverly Chaney(Roaring Mouse) ride to a solid win by 33 seconds over 2nd placed Melanie Dominguez(Bicycle Trip) Chaney, sporting a new stealth Felt cross bike, has made incredible improvement over the past few years. She now rides around like a established star, when just months ago she was starting the racing game. But winning races, and National Sport division mtn bike titles will make a rider more focussed and more determined to win. So now Chaney is really enjoying her fine form and showing what a great athelete she really is. Dominguez who styles some of the prettiest racing clothes had a great ride and took home a silver medal for her work. Hard charging and gutsy performer Melinda Jones(Team Santa Cruz), who really has a great time out at the events was 3rd on the day taking home the bronze medal. Amazingly, Henrietta Stern(Hot Flash Chicks) who was just getting to know her beautiful brand new Bianchi cross ride came across in a fine 4th place position. Stern, who is very kind and always happy, was nervous about riding her new bike. But her time on the new machine was excellent and she looks foward to more races on the official cross bike. Amy Abele(Velo Bella) rounded out the top five on the day. Other finishers of note were Julianna Perry, Samantha Sommer(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC), Winona Hubbard(El Gato Rojo), and Roni Babeck in that order.

Womens B division saw Team Black market racing claim the top two placings with a fine display of cross skills and riding. Leading the way on the day was Katrina Baumsteiger riding out of Templeton who bested the spectacularly fit Janel Lodge riding out of Santa Cruz. Black Market Racing has a great stable of racing individuals and this team usually makes a fine impact at most races they compete in. Only 15 seconds out of 2nd place was aggressive Alexis Alexander(Power Bar) who claimed the bronze medal on the day. Alexander is racing out of Redwood City and had a very good ride on this course that was fun, as riders cruised on single track trails tucked in the shady trees. Alyse Weyman(Velo Bella) missed the medals to claim 4th, but had a solid ride and sported her popular Velo Bella team kit in high fashion. Another good spirited rider who is making a return to the cross racing scene is Shauna Potocky(Family Cycling Center). This race her seat actually stayed on the seat post and thus she was able to make a nice top 5 finish. Juli Schmidt(Lapierre/Ritchey) was fresh off her silver medal at the District cross event, and racing on 24 hours rest took a fine 6th place finish. Other riders to race well were Julian Foley(SF Sport & Spine), Julie Brothers(Rock Lobster/Traugott Guitars), Ella Lawrence(Norcal Velo), and Julie Starling(Velo Bella) in that order.

Junior Men saw newly crowned District champion Logan Loader get pushed hard by Nick Kintz(Joselyns) and Jeremy Blalock(Joselyns). Kintz was riding his first cross race of the season and showed what a great kid he is to come out and support the local cross racing scene. Kintz is one of the finest highschool Mtn Bike racers and showed why. applying constant pressure to district king Loader. Meanwhile the series leader Blalock struggled over the log bunny hop section and lost contact with the lead pair. It came to a last lap shootout for the win between Loader and Kintz, and 1/4 mile from the finish the on form Loader flew past the mtn bike riding Kintz and sprinted in the rest of the way for a win. Kintz said his 2.1 mtn bike tires didnt help, and I look for Kintz to do more great rides in cyclocross in the future. Santa Cruz and Scotts valley were well represented in the next few riders as Tim Reuss(Bicycle Trip) posted a great ride and took 4th on the day. Meanwhile, Jack Fogelquist(Scotts Valley Cycle Sport) and Taylor Shamshoium(Scotts Valley Cycle Sport) were having a epic battle in their own right. the two racers were locked in a dual of wills and fitness and in the end it was Fogelquist who nipped Shamshoium at the line. These two racers were never sperated by more then a few feet during the event and their epic dual was one of the highlights of the Sunday race. Other top finishers were Dylan MacDonald(Bicyle Trip), Daniel Price, Jonathon Gintz(Cal Giant Inc.), Clayton Gjerstad(Bicycle Trip), and kyle Vanderstoep(Bicycle Trip) in that order.

Junior Women saw Tania Lokmagozian ride like a locomotive, which is a self propelled engine that moves railroad cars, and post a fine win in her division. Lokmagozian really is incredibly good and fast pedaling on her bike, and she has a fine future ahead of her in cycle racing. Another fine rider who really is great on the bike is Meri Meighan, who took home the silver medal. The merry spirited Meighan was racing after a hard fought water polo match the day before. But she mustered up enough energy and drive to show what a great rider she is taking the silver medal. Meighan made sure her dad, famous racer Rob "Buckwheat" Meighan didnt sleep in and miss the race, showing she is smart and responsable as well as a talented cyclist.

Junior 13 & Under division had Noah Karter(Bicycle Trip) post a solid win over a strong group of junior riders. Karter who is the series leader for 2005 showed why he is looking for a college scholarship in the future at many cycling universities. He rode a dominating race and now has a solid grip on the CCCX series for the year. Dean Kimmy showed great racing ability to constantly chase down the crafty Karter, but had to settle for the silver medal in the end. The daring Mendoza brothers, Raymond & Thomas(Bicycle Trip) finished 3rd and 4th on the day. Raymond sits second in the series going into race #4 at Manzanita Park in Prunedale on November 27th. And he hopes to break thru Karter's grip on the series as only three races remain in the series for 2005.

The SingleSpeed division was won by the extremly talented and fit Michael Mathews(Buy-Cell). Mathews racing for the 2nd time that day really had a great ride and beat his team mate Kurt Gensheimer(Buy-Cell) by 2:55. Mathews has been racing two divisions at most cross races this season, and his running background and sporting nature really comes into play when competeing in two races in one day. Mathews is now the Single Speed series leader as Tim Cannard(Buy-Cell) was a no show for this event. Erik Ebberoth and Steve Heaton(Cal Giant Inc.) were neck and neck during most of the event. Heaton fresh off a 24 hour race on the beautiful island of Hawaii was trying as best he could to top the youg and talented Ebberoth. but in the end it was the local racer from Monterey who held off the "Heater" by a small 5 second advantage. Brian McMinn(BT Racing) rode his single speed machine to a fine 5th place on the day. McMinn has been racing the Central Coast Cross and Mtn Bike races for years and had a great ride on this beautiful Sunday in Ft Ord. Rounding out the top 10 were A.J. Ataie(Pegasus Bicycles/Allegiant Air), Kevin Pelley(Scary Fast), Brad Hepler, Andrew May(Pegasus Bicycles/Allegiant Air), and Luke Shennefiels(Roaring Mouse Cycles) in that order.

Mens C division was claimed by the cross crazed rider from Mountain View Andrew Tee(Alpha Sigma Sandbag). Yee Bunny Hopped his way to a great win over a large group of C division racers. Yee charged as hard as possible during the 34 minute race and ended up winning by 19 seconds over Jeremy Keyes(Bay Bikes) and 46 seconds ahead of bronze medalist travis tonn(San Jose Bike Club). Local boy Keyes was nervous before the race as strong riding team mate Jimmy Sopko(Bay Bikes) must have had him psyched out with his confidence and fitness. But Keyes had a slight more bit of technical abilities and riding form on this day and put 45 seconds of bragging rights into his Bay Bikes co-worker. These two riders displayed their new bay bikes racing kits in fine fashion and in the end it was Keyes that can now boast a tad more when they are talking racing for the week at the bike shop. Tao Bernardi(Pegasus Bicycles/Allegiant Air) rounded out the top 5 only 1:11 behind the winner of the day Yee. Brad Hepler was able to hold off Troy Mayfield(Spokesman) by 20 seconds and claim the 6th spot. 8th on the day was Credence Shaw(On The Couch) who ventured off the couch and really had a good ride to make the top 10 places. Alex Anderson(El Gato Rojo) and Charles Meehan(Ride SFO) also finished top 10 on the day respectively. Other finishers were Stephen Ransom, Jeremy Milburn(Team Santa Cruz-SCCCC), Ned Mason, Rick Rosales, Mike Levine, Gregory Kuhnen(Ride SFO), Hank Vanderstoep, and John Pasadine, in that order.

Good Luck to all the racers at the UCI races this coming weekend!

Report by
Dusty Downs
Cycle Sport International


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