Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sac CX #6 Race Report, Granite Beach

Sac CX #6 utilized the “roadie” course at Granite Beach. This course features 2 long road sections, and it had three sets of actual barriers. On the 8 minute course, the 3 man duel in the A’s between Jason Moeschler (Giant/Sierra Express), Jesse Scatton (Bullseye/East Sac Bike and Board), and Brett Handrop (Sycip), which wasn’t decided until the final minute, when Moeschler used his mountain bike skills to ace the last obstacle of the loop, a double barricade, followed by a sandy singletrack whoop-de-do, then out onto the flat, paved parking lot finish. Scatton came in just behind. Blake Anton (Davis) won the Junior A’s.
Eric Nelson (Bullseye/ESBNB) continued his domination in the under 39 B’s. The over 40 B’s were won solo by cyclocross- age 60 John Elgart (Webcor/Alto Velo), followed by his Webcor teammate Jon Geary. Another Alto Velo win came in the women’s B’s, with Diane Hayford taking first.
Here’s my report of the women A’s:
There was a reasonable turnout of women, with quite a few from Cycling-Training, and my teammate Betina Hold from Webcor making her cyclocross debut for 2005. It would have been really fun if Betina hadn’t missed a turn early and had to chase. As it was, I ended up with Joan Gregg and Kelly McDonald of Cycling-Training. The nature of this course is you actually have pack riding. Since I was with two teammates, they were working me over! If it had been 2 against 2, it would have been interesting.
Kelly, a pro triathlete and excellent time trialist, isn’t as good in the technical areas, but she would attack on the road and it was hard to stay on her wheel! Then, before the turn from pave to dirt, she’d try to get between Joan and me. I figured out what was going on, and after chasing back to Joan in the sand on one lap, I had to dive in between the rocks the next lap so I wouldn’t be gapped off. The whole race they were throwing everything they could at me to make it hard! Even though I was the one being ganged up on, it was really fun.
I discovered that Joan was better in the sand run, but I was better over the barricades. She’d get a little gap on me on the run, and by the time we were over the hurdles soon after, I was passing. So, there we were, the 3 of us in our happy little group, and I was trying to figure out how I could possibly beat both of them.
I led through the barricades and whoops, and let Joan through. I thought I could get on her wheel and come around. However, my biggest problem was that I didn’t sprint fast enough! I started to come by, but the line came too soon. I don’t think there was anything strategically that I could have done differently that would have been better. I just needed to be faster.
I was looking good, though, in my new green and silver Sacramento Cyclocross skinsuit.



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